Joint, Muscle and bone Pain

LovingBeingGrandmaOctober 14, 2013

I have been in constant pain for months now. I get up in the morning and I can barely walk. My hands, elbows, hips, knees and feet hurt so much that it wakes me up at night. If I sit for any period of time, it is very difficult to get up.
I was laid off several weeks ago and now I am worried that if it keeps getting worse , I may not be able to go back to work. Had tons of tests for RA and Lupus. everything came back as normal. I'm not crazy, I'm in pain. what's wrong with me?
I'm 64, had total hysterectomy 10 years ago.
This is nothing new, I used to have bouts of it as a kid. I hurt so bad I couldn't walk and even a sheet touching my skin hurt. It quit for a long time after I had my son but is now back with a vengeance. I can't take Motrin or Ibuprofen due to horrible allergic reactions to bug bites or grass or just about anything. Tylenol Arthritis doesn't touch it. My joints feel like they are loaded with broken glass or frequently hot stabbing pain.. Anybody else have these kinds of symptoms? Any ideas on a cause?

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What other prescription medications do you take?

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If you take chloresteral meds that could be the problem. I have a neighbor who was crippled by those meds. He is in a wheel chair now.

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Any pain in bones and joints is a sign of a calcium deficiency. Most people are calcium deficient. This can be turned around with a good supplement like Youngevity

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Have yourself checked for gout. Women do get it and can cause the feelings you describe.

Your description sounds like what I had several years ago. Hurt so bad that I hated to put my feet on anything much less walk. It eventually disappeared but I had some relief using regular aspirin and aspercreme. Hope it disappears for you.

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I had the exact thing happen to me three years ago but I was 39. I don't have RA and was also tested for Lupus and Crohns a few times, both negative. I was on DMARDs and started reacting to them. I went the natural route and elimination diet solved my problems. It was amazing. Do you want me to e-mail you? I remember the feeling like yesterday - skin felt like a bout with the flu was about to start - if you even touched my arm hair it hurt, can't close hands, can't use them, feet felt like marbles were in them, barely being able to stand but if you sat as long as 15 minutes your joints would seize up, sleeping was painful but you are too tired to stay awake...My Rheumatologist didn't recommend I take this route but he sees it working and encourages and enquires about my diet every time I see him to keep tabs on my bloodwork as it now clear of any inflammation markers.

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Sounds like just what my husband went threw and it turned out to be his cholestrol medicine! They did over $600 worth of blood work, and she told him to stop taking his prevast and by morning he was feeling 99% better and now feels great! All the blood work turned out fine too! Wish she would have just took him off it then did blood work!!!

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Berk, I let my doctor talk me into trying it. It wasn't long before I had pain in my lower back that was bad when I got up in the mornings, I wanted to scream. It felt like someone was sticking an ice pick in my back. My doctor said it couldn't cause pain like that, but it stopped when I stopped taking the med. My step daughter had back surgery for her pain and it came back. She was on cholestrol meds and turned white when I told her about my experience with it. She probably didn't need the surgery.

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My husband experienced the same pains and also memory loss. It was the statin drug for cholestoral. He heard another man talking about it and he just quit taking it immediately. That was the problem. We now find out that our brains need some of that cholestoral. Hope you try getting off of that stuff and let us know if that was it.

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There was a report in our local paper that doctors have been advised to prescribe these drugs to high risk patients only. My sis went into get her presc refilled and she had to fill out paper work to get it.

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I am on no RX's but I feel the same way you do. Intense joint pain. Feet hurt like crazy, calf cramps although I drink lots of water all day long. Intense back pain and trouble sleeping. I thought gout only affected the legs.

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If you drink lots of water you may be drinking too much. Water removes the minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the body to function. Loss of minerals such as calcium and sodium can cause leg problems among other things.

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My brother has gout, and if he gets a relatively minor injury -- for example, this spring he dropped something on his foot -- then the gout recurs at the site of the new injury within a day or two.

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My pain if from Fibromyalgia, hard physical labor all of my life and falling down alot. I live without a/c for most of the summer. If it gets hotter than 93 I turn on the window units. I have bad ear ringing and the a/c running is very painful. I got dehydrated last year and I don't want to go thru that again. I drink alot because I sweat all day long.

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My husband had many of the same symptoms as you do. They worked him up as well and came back with the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. I don't believe it for a second as his symptoms come on and go as if it is an autoimmune flare up. I suspect shingles for him and he did have the classic rash at one time. Now he has the symptoms flare up without a rash. He is on Cymbalta now and it is helping control his pain.

Another interesting similarity you and my DH share is the allergy to NSAIDs. He developed that allergy and I suspect that is also related to his problem.

Good luck and I know how frustrating and hard this is for you.

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I don't think I have shingles. I suffered a minor concussion in 2004 and that brought it on.

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I am 66 and have had the same problem for years. First they diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, later polymyalgia rheumatica. I finally got to the point that I was on Vicodin. prednisone. I always thought it had to be due to something nutritional. I am a registered nurse. I started my own diagnostics since mainstream medicine doesn't know anything about nutrition and wasn't interested in learning. As some of the other posters did, I started removing medicine that the doctors had me and it began to lessen. Lastly I began taking Youngevity products and within 30 days. no pain. I am no longer on prescribed pharmaceuticals except occasional pain medication at night when I have overdone. I am not sure yet if this will go away or if some of the damage is not reversible. When I stop taking the vitamin/trace minerals, boom it all comes back. You will always have to take the supplements because our soil no longer contains these 90 vit/minerals since we stopped adding wood ash to our gardens once newer methods of heating houses came into practice. But what you save in polypharmacy given to you by doctors will pay for the supplements. Read the Creator of Youngevity's book "Dead doctors don't lie". As a 50 year OR nurse, I concur with most of what he states. Good luck

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We have that book. I only take a sleeping pill that barely works. Since my concussion meds don't work at all. Maybe that's a good thing?!

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I agree with you 100% nutrition is where most of these problems start.
Chronic health problems are usualy a nutrition deficiency problem

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