A supplemental insurance plan with Medicare?

downsouthOctober 9, 2006

I need to find a supplemental plan that will pay ALL of the extra that Medicare doesn't pay and I don't know where to start looking. Do I just start calling major insurance companies? My main concern is the high rate of heart disease that runs in my family and the high cost of surgery, which I hope never happens to me, but if I go by my family history, it will eventually affect me. I have five sisters, 3 that have had bypass surgery and my mother died after heart surgery. The two other sisters have had stents. This is why I need excellent additional coverage.

Is there a site where you can read about supplemental plans to go along with Medicare? If you have a supplemental plan, do you mind sharing the name of the company? Please feel free to email me.

I need to read up on Medicare as this is all new to me. Does Medicare typically pay 80% and I need to find a company that will cover the other 20%?

Thanks, Dee

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Do a google search for Medicare Suppliment Insurance. You'll get tons of sites.

Stick with a major company like Blue Cross, Aetna or AARP.

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I second what Agnes said. My mother has AARP for Medicare Part B. She hasn't had to pay out of pocket for years (including major surgery 6 years ago)

Here is a link that might be useful: Medicare Part B

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My husband will turn 65 in December. He just signed up for Secure Horizons, which sounds like it will cover just about everything Medicare doesn't, almost too good to be true, but worth a try to check into for you. Good luck.

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AARP supplemental insurance priced me right out of it...I went to Blue Cross-Blue Shield. So far I've paid a total of $4.60 for office calls, sonogram on legs, back X-rays, mammogram, blood work, urine analysis, etc.

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