Re: UTI - to antibiotic or not?

carrie630October 20, 2010

I am a little confused:

I went to my doctor recently because I felt a bit tired. I was curious about my B12 levels and then thought - hey, also check my urine for possible infection (I felt a bit tired, but never felt pain)

Turns out she called today and said there were a few white blood cells in my urine and gave me a choice: Take an antibiotic or NOT....

Since I was driving at the time she called and couldn't think straight (wondering WHY there was an "option") I quickly said okay, I'll take the antibiotic (it had been a long time since I had needed one and have never really had problems with them in the past)

But... the antibiotic is CIPRO and I am reading tons of posts about this antibiotic - many saying that it can rupture tendons, cause joint pains (which are long lasting) and other bad side effects.

i don't understand that there is an "option" if I have any kind of infection (even though there are only a few white blood cells)

I will call tomorrow and get an appointment with her on Friday (she's off on Thurs) and see what she meant.

Isn't this a bit confusing?



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Yes it is confusing.

The link below may help explain it. White blood cells in the urine is an indicator of infection somewhere in the urinary tract, because white blood cells--the infection fighters--are not usually found in the urine. Since you only had a few it is probably not a serious infection.

What your doctor was in fact asking is do you want an antibiotic to clear up or do you want to let your body try to take care of it

Here is a link that might be useful: white blood cells in the urine

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Thanks, oilpainter - I am hoping this CAN be cleared up on its own... but not sure how that is possible.

The cranberry juice idea is confusing - need to find good juice with very little sugar - or maybe those cranberry pills.

Hey, what about cranberry sauce? No, that would be "too good to be true"....



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Cranberries are cranberries no matter what form they come in. If you make your own sauce you can control the sugar or add a sweetener. Just be sure to heat them over low heat.

You can also use dried cranberries as a snack--mix them with raisins for a sweeter taste

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Thanks, oilpainter - buying dried cranberries tomorrow - good idea!


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I recently came down with a bladder infection just before leaving on vacation and I knew from past experience that an antibiotic would take days to make me feel better. I researched online and discovered a new natural treatment that sounded promising. It's called D-Mannose and it's a sugar that has the ability to bind to E-coli in your bladder and take it out of your body. About 95% of bladder infections are caused by E-coli.

I found D-Mannose in a health food store and following directions on the internet, I took a tsp. in a little juice or water several times a day. I began feeling better by the end of the first day and by the third day it was completely gone. I continued taking it for two more days to be sure and it didn't come back. It was amazing and had no side effects. It isn't effective against the other 5% of infections that are caused by other organisms, so if you try it and don't feel any relief after a couple of days, it probably isn't E-coli.

Also, call the health food stores and make sure they carry it before driving there because not every store carries it. If you google D-Mannose you'll find lots of info. Hope this helps. It worked much better and faster than drinking cranberry juice, in fact, I've never actually managed to cure an infection with cranberries.

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Supposedly, the cranberries keep you from getting an infection, but don't clear one up.
I would hold off on getting the Rx, and see if you can't get on top of it naturally. Just drink tons of water too.
As far as the cranberries.........the less sugar the better.
The one thing good about treating UTIs is that they only require 3 days of antibiotics. How long did your doc say to take them?
I agree.....the doc's advice was confusing.

I had a UTI once with no pain......just fatigue.
Here's an interesting tidbit of info........when older people get UTIs, it tends to make them a little crazy. Its one of the first tests they run on older people who are a little off.

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