Nose Sore Help!!!!!!!

goldyOctober 16, 2009

I have a small sore inside my nose.Who should I go to?Adermo doctor or my regular doctor?This has been going on for a month and I; can't overlook any longer.

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Adermo? Is that an ear ,nose and throat specialist. If it is then Yes, that's who you should see.

Until you do get in to see one try a saline nose spray. You can buy it in a drug store. Salt has healing properties and will kill any bacteria there may be there.

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I meant to say "dermo" skin doctor

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Did you see a dr., Goldy? Which one? How did it go?

Good for you for checking into this.

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Have to call Monday.Dermo Docs are real busy.You call and they give you an appointment three weeks later.Good thing it's not a tooth ache.I did have and appointment and when I looked at it it looked liked it had went away.So I cancelled.Now it looks like it's back.With a little luck maybe I can get my old appointment back and don't have to get in line again.Will let you know how I come out.

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Try swabbing the inside of your nose with something like Neosporin before you go to bed. I get these because I blow my nose all the time from allergies, and the Neo seems to work really well. And while you are asleep it has time to work because you aren't blowing your nose or wiping up inside it.

I use a Q-tip, but if you can reach it just use your pinky.

Good luck, and let us know if it works!

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I was going to say exactly what michelle suggested, which is what my ENT suggested for a chronic sore in my nose. And try not to pick the scab.
Also try to keep your house humidified in the winter, when the air can be so dry.

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Catherine, I am so glad to hear that your dr. recommended neosporin. I use it because it does do the job, but the directions say not to put it on mucous membranes so I haven't even mentioned it to my Dr.

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To Socks 123. Went to the doctor today.He prescribed amed for bacteria.Says people get these sores from blowing their noses a lot.Did not even look up my nose.Some doctor!In away I'm glad he did not look up my nose because he is so good looking.He said this should fix it for good.Will get back to you in ten days .

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