Premarin and PMU Foals

RheaTJanuary 26, 2006

I learned something today that, as a menopausal woman who loves animals, horrified me. Organic Premarin is made from the urine of pregnant mares. These mares are kept in a near constant cycle of pregnancy and nursing so their urine can be harvested to make the drug. The foals are extraneous to the process of making Premarin and are typically sent to slaughterhouses when they're weaned. These foals are known as PMU (Pregnant Mare Urine) foals.

This wouldn't be so shocking if there was no alternative, but a synthetic version of Premarin is available.

There are some amazing people who are doing as much as they can, with limited resources, to find homes for PMU foals. If you're an animal lover, won't you visit just one of these wonderful web sites and learn about the work being done to save PMU foals?


Here is a link that might be useful: PMU Foal Acquisition Network, Inc.

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I have a friend with a soft heart, and she adopted two of these foals last year. I always tell her how wonderful she is for doing it.

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rheat, a horrific practice I agree. When I started menopause its why I requested a plant based type of estrogen.

Its unbelievable what people do to animals: raising calves in tiny little pens they are unable to turn around in so their meat will be pale tender veal or throwing live male newborn chicks in trash cans (and keeping the females for egg laying). Some people ought to get a taste of their own medicine.

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I learned about the foals while making an appointment with a chiropractor. The receptionist has a friend who is fostering six PMU foals. I'm hoping to wheedle an invitation to visit them! :-)

I wish I could foster one but hubby wouldn't even consider it when I asked if we could get a miniature donkey.

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That's how they came up with the name. PRE = PREgant MAR = MARe IN = urINe.
Anyway, I agree, it's a horrible practice and it made me decide to never take it.


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Yup. Nothing like spelling it right out in the name. I'm never going to take it; it's a product that deserves to die for ethical reasons alone, not to mention that there are several viable synthetic and natural alternatives.

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I'm am horrifed. Don't know why, based on what we do to other animals, both mentioned above and in too many other situations. I passed this link on to my horse-loving friends. I wish I could get one, but alas, I live on 3/4 acres, not quite large enough for a horse.

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