donnakt_gwOctober 14, 2006

Does any one have two bad knees?? Any medication that will help? I'm really starting to be depressed at all the things I can't do anymore. I am 70 yrs old but I don't feel like I am with the exception of the knees keeping me from walking. I have three doggies I need to take care of and I end up in tears each night getting them out for potty and ready for bed..then in the morning it is the same thing. I am also not sleeping because of the pain..Any suggestions??

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Have you seen a doctor? DH (how's only 45 by the way) has had surgery on both kneew and is down to bone on bone, he's overweight and has oster-artheritis on both knees so we know that you mean (me because I have to live with him).

He should have knee replacement, whick our minister's wife has had, and recommends it! He needs to lose weight, surgery is too risky at his weight, so that's what we're working on. Until then, he's had Synvisc injections, they do help!!! He's also on Celebrex. Seriously if you can, check into the knee replacement. MANY of the people (i'd say all, but there are always exceptions) say they wish they'd never waited so long.


Here is a link that might be useful: Synvisc

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Thanks Vickey, I have seen a Doctor..I was all set to have both knees replaced over 10 years ago, already had the hospital room and re-hab all set up..went in for the pre-op and the insurance company said no..that I was too young, at that time I was 58 and shut the whole plan down. I was told I would have to have the surgery again in about 10 years..so I didn't have it done. Now I have Medicare and they will pay 80% of what they deem acceptable and I have the rest to pay. I am going to check on it, since I have moved to a different state..things may have changed..but I doubt it. My insurance coverage has changed since my husband passed away a year and half ago..so I think I may have to just live with it. I did have the Synvisc 10 years ago. But did get a letter from the insurance saying they would not cover it a second time..don't you just hate Insurance Companies! I haven't tried Celebrex, I did use the other two that were pulled from the market.

Sorry to go on and on but this is just such a problem for me and I really miss having my hubby to work through all everything with, after having him for 50 years..it isn't easy.


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Donna, pain that disrupts your sleep is a red flag that something needs to be done for your knees. Celebrex can be helpful, sometimes physical therapy to strengthen the surrounding structure and reduce 'slipage'.

Check out the link and read through some of the newer procedures for knees, there are some minimally invasive things surgeons can do now that greatly reduce the 'down' time following surgery - the Unispacer under Unicompartmental is interesting.

Zimmer made my hip - I was 48 when told it needed replacing (and qualified insurance-wise) but held on to my natural joint for 4 more years. Age shouldn't be the deciding factor :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Zimmer

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HI Donna,
I can relate to your pain. A few months ago I had surgery on one knee. It was rough for awhile afterwards, but it's doing alot better. I had a menisectomy. What I found to be the most help was the physical therapy, to strengthen my thigh muscles. Would your insurance pay for some PT?
I've heard great things about knee replacements in older people. But if you can't afford it right now, please consider PT. Lots of times the problem is that our thigh muscles have become weak and can't support the knee.
I still use an icebag on my knee several times a day. I can't use NSAIDS because of my stomach, but that ice bag sure helps to reduce inflammation. Inflammation can cause alot of pain.
And maybe you could afford the knee replacements. Hospitals seem very okay with payment plans. And also, sometimes if they know you're having financial problems, they reduce to cost.
Good luck to you. And I'm so sorry for the loss of your husband. I know it can be very difficult.

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You may want to try Glucosimine-Chondroitin Sulfate at 1500 mg a day. When it first came out even before it was approved by the FDA my specialist told me to take it that all of the reports on it were very positive. I did take it for several years then it stopped helping me and I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteo. My dad takes it and it really helps him. He doesn't take anything prescriptive for it. I know several other people who have taken it and it helped them. Hopefully you're not at the point that nothing but surgery will work. If you decide to try this look online at some of the vitamin and herbal sites. I'm sure you can find it much less expensive than Walmart or a drugstore. My sister buys my dad's from a mail order company but I don't know what it is.

I had arthoscopic surgery on my left knee in 2000 and it was like a miracle. As soon as I came too I was pain free. A few days on crutches and I was moving around pretty good. Of course, it's only 4 tiny incisions and lazer but it sure did work.

I hope you feel better.


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I am to the point that I just ordered a wheelchair..I will try the Glucosimine-Chondroitin but since I was told I am to the point of bone on bone I doubt that it will help. I am trying a liquid that so many said it helped but so far nothing.

Thanks for your good thought.I am going to check into the surgery as well.

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the glueconsamine does work wonders for a lot of people. One problem is that it takes 4-6 weeks for it to show any improvement. A lot of people give up on it too soon. It's well worth trying. however, if you are allergic to seafood, it's not a good thing.

It seems to work well for the large joints like the knee and the hip. But not too well for the smaller ones like hands and feet. It's not a "pain killer" so there will continue to be pain until the cartledge is repaired.

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I am 55 years old and am now on disability because of my knees. I am walking bone on bone and my legs hurt all the time. I was also told I was too young for knee replacement. I have such a hard time walking and I have a dog that needs to be walked also. I have a hard time even sweeping the floors or taking out the trash. I take Tylenol arthritis. It seems to work for me the same as the meds the doctor gave to take (Naproxen) But since I don't have insurance right now I can't go to a doctor for my knees. I also need to lose weight. As soon as you can't do much,the weight just piles on. And that makes your knees hurt even more. I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. Maybe they will help you.

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I absolutely hate the idea of knee replacements for myself. I'm sort of a natural person, and having bionic knees really runs against my general philosophy.........but..........I've heard nothing but wonderful things about it. They replace knees of 80+ year olds with great success.
Our knees are really important to us, and I guess I would encourage anyone who is becoming incapacitated to at least consider knee replacements.
Also.......having a torn meniscus trimmed up can help alot too.
One thing that really amazed me was how important our thigh muscles are to our knee function. I religiously did thigh stretching and strengthening exercises for several months after my surgery, and it was amazing how they helped.
I also learned that when we "baby" a knee that hurts, it can make it even worse, by allowing the muscles to not do their part, and become weaker.
When I started feeling better, I stopped the exercises, and now my knee is bothering me again.......so I'm going to start the exercises up again.
So please give thought to some physical therapy instruction.
Also, after the Thansgiving holiday, I began tor realize that too many carbs and definitely too much salt actually makes my knee swell up and hurt alot more. So try to cut back on those in your diet too.
So Donna.......go see a sports medicine doctor. I think there are alot of options out there for you to feel better.
I, too, was considering a wheelchair, but since my surgery and especially the physical therapy, I am very mobile again. Don't put it off, okay?
NSAIDS are great for the inflammation, if your stomach can tolerate them. If they can't, use an icebag on your knees several times a day. Never use heat.
Try not to be too discouraged. But you do have to take the first step to go see the doctor. Ask around as to who is the best in your area. Don't give up!

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I have heard of a lot of people taking a herbal tea called essies tea with great results. this from their website essiestea "I am very thankful that I began to use Essies Tea. It changed my life. My back, neck, and shoulders were in pain for years because of Osteo Arthritis. I tried everything without any success, until I finally found Essies Tea. Now I can do the housework on my own and I can walk without any pain. My high blood pressure has gotten so much better that I now only have to drink half of my prescription medicine". Maybe you should give it a try, cannot do anything bad. Anyway, just don't give up - have faith and I hope your pain gets less.

Here is a link that might be useful: essies tea

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