homocysteine help?

vieja_gwOctober 20, 2013

I recently found out my blood homocysteine level is high & that this can lead to strokes, heart attacts, Alzheimers, etc. Anyone have this problem & if so, what can be done about it? This had never been tested on me before with many, many lab tests I have had done & only recently did one Dr. order it on me. I go get some medicine from this doctor tomorrow so shall see what he has prescribed. He is an MD as well as a Doctor in Alternitive Medicine. I have had reactive hypoglycemia for years (blood sugar drops too quickly after a meal... have to have something sweet handy then) but only this doctor has put me on chromium picolinate... no more after meal tremors, weakness nor craving for sweets after just one week taking this! I was not a real believer in alternative medicine but I may become change!

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Glad it works! I was going to suggest you cut back on sugar until I read the rest of your post. Pretty simple solution!!I tried lot of herbs & stuff for migraines-no help then I read that kids have to take an herb-Butterbur I had my allergy dr. check it out(didn't want to at 1st- I told him you will have many patients desperate soon as they took MIdrin off the market(can be compounded) after I insisted & my dr was asking them to try & help me. Anyway this herb is wonderful & I'm about 80% better!! After some yrs some kids no longer need it & don't have any more headaches., they sure are slow at letting the public know about it tho. Like the cream diet for seizures ,Hollywood producer watched his little boy go down hill so badly & found the "cure" at John Hopkins Hospital but not until older person took him aside & gave it to him, so they didn't want to give it up either. he was furious when he went back to son's drs. Their answer, it's all about "politics"(politics=money-can't get rich if patient gets cured!!) Oath they take apparently doesn't mean much any more!!.

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There is considerable controversy as to the validity of elevated homocysteine as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease.


Increased folic acid, B6 and B12 intake can help reduce levels if you are so inclined.

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