Residual smoke in friend's house/bronchitis

phylraeOctober 9, 2010

I have a friend-I don't think SHE smokes, but her home always has a lingering cigarette smoke smell (could be when her daughter or son visit). It is very hard for me to visit for any length of time, because as soon as I walk in I can feel my nose start to run/eyes water/throat hurts etc....sometimes I get headachy. Like I do if I have to walk into a bowling alley that has residual smoke in the carpet.

I was there the other night for a few hours for a meeting....and I wondered: can exposure to the residual smoke lingering in carpets, couches etc. (NOT "2nd-hand smoke" per se) bring on bronchitis in some people? I had a bit of a cold just before the exposure, but have developed bronchitis this week and am now on an antibiotic. Otherwise I am a very healthy 52 year old woman.

Thanks....I would've asked my doc this morning but forgot.

(I do realize that 2nd hand smoke when someone is smoking in your presence can bring on bronchitis...just didn't know if the SMELL of the smoke that lingers could do so).

:0) Phyl

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I don't see how only smelling a place where people have been smoking will cause bronchitis unless you are allergic to the smell. I don't know of anyone is but that's the only way I can think of that it would cause bronchitis.

I would think that the cold had more to do with it than old smoke

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No, you are not inhaling it.

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It's been about two weeks since I've seen the doctor. I have been feeling better lately, but it still comes and goes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bronchitis Symptoms

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