cold feet

shwetagargOctober 20, 2008

hello all,winter season is here and belive me my toes are starting to scare me. It started last year. My toes would itch to a point where i felt like cutting them off.It also changed color and looked very bad.I am applying Hydrocortisone but still need more. I know it is winters that makes this happen (coz summers were great,no itch and no dryness,nothing). But i wear socks all the day long. I keep my body warm even at home by wearing several layers. I do all i can .what else can i do and why is this happening?

Any inputs will be helpful


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It sounds like poor circulation. Do you get enough exercise? I would see your doctor, they can give you a better diagnosis, but make sure you are walking about an hour a day and stretching your legs and feet.

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I would check with a doctor too. It could be a lot of medical things (some even serious)... so please see a doctor.

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Another vote for see your doctor. What you are describing is NOT the usual cold feet that a lot of us have.

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