Assessing Risk For Heart Disease And Stroke

sager66October 18, 2009

Article link . . PLAC Test

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Before subjecting yourself to genetic testing, I think you should ask yourself how much you want to know and what it will do for you. My Dr. wanted to know if my high cholesterol was coming from my food or was genetic. He didn't tell me that I was also going to find out my risk for alzheimers and heart attack/stroke. I already knew that being diabetic I was at higher risk for those conditions. I didn't need to know that my genetics put me in a high risk catagory and there is not much I can do about it that I wasn't already doing. My kids weren't thrilled either.

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Your blood pressure must be in control & diabetes too.
If you want to relieve yourself from this risk then start regular exercise so that you burn enough calories. You must also take nutritious & healthy food only ta save yourself from any heart disease.

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Article link . . Omega 3 Test

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