Left side uncomfortable-thickness and heaviness

mugnainiOctober 1, 2007

I am experiencing a feeling of thickness and heaviness on my left side below my waist. Also a pinching, somewhat pulling pain from the middle, sometimes shooting down my leg like a nerve. Anyone else ever experience this? It used to be once in a while now it is occusrring daily. Any advise?

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Have no idea, but it sounds like a trip to the dr. soon would be in order. Good luck.

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sounds like a disk problem in your back...I had pain combined with tingling and numbness in my right leg down to my big toe...herniated disk in lower back

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I was just diagnosed with spinal stenosis after experiencing numbness in my left thigh and occasional pain in my left calf.

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Could be Sciatic. Go to a goo acupuncturist.

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