New Construction...water stains on wood floor

Capegirl05September 11, 2011

As the wood floor was installed weeks ago, several trades have come and worked (masons laying the stone for fireplace, painters, and tile layers),and I now notice what looks like stains from water or liquid. Some of them are dark and large. Our GC says that they will be "sanded out" when the wood floors are finished...before they apply the stain. All of the imperfections are sanded out. True or false?

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Lime and cement are capable of making very deep stains on some woods, like pine and oak and cherry. It's a chemical reaction, so it will be as deep as the water carrying the caustic has penetrated. It can be much deeper than can reasonably be sanded out, but you won't know until the floors are sanded, unless you go DIY it.
The GC is ultimately responsible for protecting things as they are installed, and really should be brought to account before it gets swept under the rug.

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