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clairdo2October 20, 2006

I'm really worried about my son. I think he is addicted to crystal meth. Is there any hope for him ? Can they really get him off of it ?He isn't a kid, he's 36 yrs old and is also an alcoholic. Please tell me there is hope.What can I do for him, I haven't heard from him in months but plan to call him soom. please say a prayer, I'm so desperate.

Thank you

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There is no worry like a mother's worry, is there?! Even when our "kids" are grown and gone. I'm sure there is hope, Clairdo. Take care.

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Go to http://p073.ezboard.com/bmethamphetamineabusedisussionforum.

Click on general discussion and post any question/concerns you have regarding your son. The majority of the members are ex-meth addicts and are there to help.

Good luck, you and your son are in for a rough ride.

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Dear clairdo2, YES,YES,YES ther is hope. just trust in the Lord the is bigger than all the drugs. my brother stared using everything when he was 15 or 16,it has been some long years. he is 50 now, and just getting his life together. he has alot of health problems, but with the dr and metadone he seems like my brother again. we just keep holding him up to the Lord always. anything is within our reach with God. my prayers are with you . have a blessed day.nanatofourgirls(nana)

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This is a terrible problem to deal with because you can see how destructive he is being to himself, but he may not be able to see it. My own son had his own brush with drugs, and fortunately, he decided to go clean on his own at the age of about 22. The primary problem you are dealing with is that if he has no desire to get his life together, then it will be a extremely difficult. Even if he does want to change, it will be the hardest thing he's probably ever done. Most of it depends on where he is mentally and emotionally. If he has the will, then you can provide emotional support. I wish you luck, and I hope your son will come around. This is one of the most painful things a parent can deal with.
Mrs H

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Hi Clair,
My heart aches for you.
I'm not up on what's legal to do and what's not.....as far as forcing him to go into detox. You might look into that. Is he married? You might have to do an intervention thing. Please make some calls to a drug rehab place and find out what you might be able to do.
My brother was a drug addict when he was in his 20's. He finally made it through, with the help of several addiction centers and half-way houses. Its a rough row to hoe, but it IS possible. Good luck to you and your son Clair.

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What you can do for him is NOTHING other than be willing to be there for him if he should decide to seek treatment. You must not enable him. That means never give him money or help pay the bills. That means if you buy him presents you remove the tags so he cannot return them for cash. It means you continue to love him but not his habit nor the actions that result from his habit.

You cannot get him off it. It is out of your hands. You CAN help him best by helping yourself. Get yourself to Al anon or Narc anon now. These groups are for families and friends of the addicted. You will not only recieve the emotional support you need to get through this but also the tools you need to help your son the best way possible. Please go. Make that call. Look up Alcoholics Anonymous and they will help you find a meeting nearby. They are everywhere. Urge other family members to attend but if they won't go YOU be the one to go.

Prayer is fine. But remember God helps those who help themselves. Do what you need to do. make that call, go to that meeting. I watched my my MIL pray and enable my brother-in-law straight into the grave.

You must take care of yourself. You must learn how to deal with this tragic cicumstance. The people on this forum can offer you thier caring thought and prayers. But you really need to get to an Al anon group to get the real assistance you need. Also if your son has other mental health issues as many substance abusers do contact NAMI (it's on the web. They offer support not only for the mentally ill but also for their friends and families. Go now. Take care. i hope your son is one of those who overcomes his addiction. I really do but you cannot do it for him.

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Thank you all for the support about my son. He called me a couple of nights ago after not having heard from him in months. He told me he was running and hiding because his life was in danger. He said if he didn't have fifteen hundred dollars right away he was gone so we got really scared and sent him the money. After we did it we wondered if we should have. But my daughter who is not too far from him (we are 2000 miles away) got a call from him saying he paid his debt and was willing to go to rehab. I really think he got a good scare so hopefully he will go through with it. Please say a prayer...

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You must be so worried, Clairdo. Hope he is serious about rehab. Best wishes.

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Good luck! You have to be strong!

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"He told me he was running and hiding because his life was in danger. He said if he didn't have fifteen hundred dollars right away he was gone so we got really scared and sent him the money."

This might just be a ruse to get you to send money so he can buy more Meth.

I wouldn't send anymore money. I'd offer to pay for rehab or a place to stay instead.

I really feel for people who have loved ones on Meth. It seems to be worse than heroin or cocaine. They say that Meth produces a far better buzz than orgasm. No wonder they will do anything to get a fix. I've read about addicts attending the funerals of people who were taking drugs for a terminal illness, coming to to rob the house while everyone was at the funeral. It also causes changes in the brain. It can take up to a year to get back to 'normal'.

Really grimy things go on in a Meth users life. Nothing I'd want to be near... Please warn your daughter to be careful.

Links that might be useful:



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You are aware that the original postings were from 2006.

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I am sorry I can't give you any hope. If I were you I would find an organization that helps family members of addicts. They will help you adjust to the situation.

My sis is not addicted to drugs, but she has an addictive personality. She is addicted to cigarettes, she quit those went to alcohol, gained weight, went back on cigarettes. Now she is addicted to cigarettes, booze and coffee.

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Well.. Cigarettes and Alcohol in my mind is called a drug. I hope that Alcohol will be targeted and stamped out in public like it was done with smoking. Hope she gets help soon.
Clairdo2,..hope your son got though this and the help he needed.

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Konrad, I think you know what I meant. Illegal drugs!!

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