Sonic toothbrushes

kathyg_in_miOctober 10, 2006

Gotta get one, anyone out there have one? Brand? Cost of replacement heads? Critiques please.

Kathy G in MI

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I've had a Sonicare for several years (maybe 6 or 7??) and I love it!! I think I paid around $90 for it, but worth every penny. If I watch for a sale, I can usually pick up a 2-pack of replacement heads for around $20. I'm sure they have newer models out now, but I'll continue to use my old one until it dies. My sister is a dental hygenist and has the whole family using them -- even our parents who are in their 80's.


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My dentist sells the Sonicare at his office, he's that convinced it's good for oral care. My mothers dentist in another city also sells them to patients, but at a discounted price.

Watch for sales - and I buy the replacement brush heads at Costco. I haven't needed any recently, but I think for approx $17.50 - $18 for the two pack

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And you often can buy the sonicare toothbrush at places like Kohls or Sam's for a lot less than $90.
I am also a "user" Lol! And after the first 2 or 3 months, my hygenist asked me if I had bought one...she noticed a difference.
Linda C

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I love my Sonicare toothbrush. I used my first one for eight years before the battery quit charging. I hated to spend the money for a second one, but after using a regular toothbrush for a couple of weeks, I broke down and bought a second Sonicare. My teeth just didn't feel clean brushing with a manual toothbrush. Sonicare toothbrushes are definitely worth every cent they cost for keeping your gums and teeth in great condition. I bought my daughter a Sonicare through my dentist for $44 and am planning to get my brother one for Christmas this year. I've tried to persuade him to buy one, but since he hasn't, he'll get one as a gift. :)

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I haven't tried sonic toothbrushes, but for those of you who want an awesome toothpaste that comes in tubs and you activate yourself, go to It has all natural ingredients without flouride - TOSS your toothpaste with flouride cuz it's toxic I've read and this fights gingivitis, coldsores, and brightens your teeth. You just take the activator, mix with herbs, then mix in the mint. It's fun to make and your teeth feel squeeky clean like you just got done at the dentist. There are 3 containers that you get, no tubes. It's the best seller on several forums so I joined in lol

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