Secondary drip pan

bold_as_loveJanuary 16, 2014

Re-married recently and moved into wife's place. Up in the attic running cable to the kitchen and I noticed that there's no drip pan under the coil, only an extensive amount of blanket insulation. I guess to catch any leak? The primary drain runs to the vent stack and fortunately, this has never leaked onto the kitchen ceiling. I'd like to install a pan, but need to know where exactly it's placed and how to size it? Is it typically centered where the coil and furnace meet or under the entire coil itself? It is installed horizontally.

I don't have a picture and it's an all-electric system if that matters. Thanks for any help you can provide!

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When and if the primary drain clogs,water is usualy pulled into air handler where it leaks and is blown out. The pan should reach 2+ inches beound both sides and up stream of coil/air handler and 6+ inches passed discharge end. It is a good idea to terminate the emergency line above the kitchen sink window or other conspicious place where drip will be quickly detected. I have located the emergency line above the shower/tub in apartments to prompt tenant to call.

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