Liver Caner

Linda GiorgiOctober 19, 2007

My baby sister has been diagnosed with liver cancer. She is tired and is running a fever for 9 weeks now. She goes daily for infusions. The tumor is in the middle of her liver. She is in pain. They are still testing. Can anyone tell me about liver cancer? The prognosis?

Prayers are always welcome.


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Linda Giorgi

I forgot to say my sister is 50.

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I'm sorry to hear about your sister, lgiorgi.

You can probably find out more when they specify what kind of tumor it is. Is she being treated at a cancer center, where that is all they do? I'd definitely want to be going to a cancer specialist She is young. I hope and pray the best for her.

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Linda Giorgi

Thanks acey, prayers always help. She is in a cancer center. I just wish I could help. She is in florida and I am in NY. Thanks.

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I know quite a bit about breast cancer and cancer of the cervix, however what I do know about liver cancer is that the most common type is called hepatocellular carcinoma. You mention that she goes daily for infusions. With this type of therapy, she may have had a permanent implantable pump placed directly into the hepatic or brachial artery. This is usually done on an outpatient basis for long-term infusion of a chemotherapeutic drug.

Running a fever indicates that she has an infection due to a weakened immune system, which is usually caused by both the cancer and the chemotherapy that she is receiving.

Not knowing much about this type of cancer or what stage it is in, couldnÂt tell you what her prognosis is. She will be in my prayers though.

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Linda Giorgi

zoewolf thank you for the information. They were giving her infusion for an infection. Antibiotics. They thought she had an infectious disease. They did a pet scan and we find out the results today. They said her colon was clear from the other tests. I was happy to hear that because my mom died at 42 of colon cancer. I think it started in her stomach (mom)because when I was young she had most of her stomach removed. My dad knew but did not tell us until the end. Back in those days they did not have to tell the patient. I hope they can help her. It is sad. She was only 11 when mhy mom died. I feel she is being cheated out of life. Thanks for writing.

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Prayers and good thoughts are on there way to your sister in Florida. I see that you mentioned your sister is being treated at a cancer center in Florida. Just a thought - after seeing that you are in NY - if she would or could consider a trip to Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City for a consultation. I've been a patient there a few times and remember that a nurse once said that people come from China to be treated at Sloan and folks as close as New Jersey don't want to travel to New York City. I know that as long as there is a diagnosis that appointments can be arranged quite quickly.

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