Heart Attack symptoms

nita1950October 19, 2003

Can someone describe to me the symptoms. How bad is the pressure or squeezing in the chest? I had an uncomfortable feeling today in the chest area and I just stopped and sat for a few minutes. It was like a pressure in the upper chest area and there was some discomfort, but not really extremely painful, just uncomfortable. My husband suggested heartburn. He could tell by the expression on my face that something was wrong. He told me to take an aspirin and sit down. I was putting away the groceries at the time. The feeling just came on all of a sudden. It subsided and then came back in a couple of minutes. I don't want to over-react...


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Nita -

How old are you? Are you overweight? Do you smoke? What is your exercise level?

Do any of your blood relatives (especially parents) have a history of heart disease? Any of them die of it?

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I would go to the doctor and be checked. My philosophy is - yes it may be gas, but why take a chance? There are so many things they do nowadays for the real thing that prevent major heart daamage.

We all tend to think - oh it's just stomach problems and it will pass. That is only human. But women are actually at higher risk for heart problems than men, and due to the misconception people have that it's the other way around, we women tend to not think in terms of that.

And if it does turn out to be heartburn, gas, whatever, who cares? At least YOU know you're ok.

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I am 53 years old...overweight by about 20 lbs. I don't smoke, never have. I am active, but do not have a formal exercise program. I only remember one person who died from a heart attack in her sleep and that was my grandmother.

THe symptoms have disappeared and I didn't go to the doctor. I am going to make an appointment for a "complete" physical. Thanks....I was worried when I was going through the discomfort and was afraid to even go to sleep! If this happens again, I will immediately go and have it checked out.


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I'm with TREKaren. Have it checked out, now. People do have mild heart attacks! I remember reading about a study that showed that treatment after a mild heart attack helps to prevent any further attacks.

I'd go now, right away, and have it checked. And I am not in the least an alarmist. It's just too important.

Here is a link that might be useful: treatment after mild heart attack

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I have had heartburn that must have been as painful as a heart attack. But, it goes away with Zantac! so I know it is NOT a heart attack. I would hate to have a heart attack if it hurts that bad for a longer period of time. The first time it happened was at night, while lying in bed and reading as I do every night. I have suffered with Acid reflux for several years and figure this is the result! Dr put me on Zantac (double the dosage on the box). Only a doctor could tell the difference probably. I had a friend once who they put in ICU several years ago, from this - not even a heart attack! Pretty much states it is hard to differentiate!


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