bro in law. has what my DH died from 4 mos. ago...

taunia1October 11, 2010

My DH passed away in May from hepatic encephalopathy, cirrossis, and hep c. Talked to his bro. today and he has hep a,b, and c. He lives in Ill. and wants meds to help treat him and to help him with pain. He is scared. I told him I would try and research and try to find him assistance. He's on medicaid but would have to pay a $600.00 spend down. He draws 995.00 monthly and $600.00 goes to rent. Please someone tell me how to advise me. I don't want to see him end up like my husband. P.S. B.I.L. just lost his wife last month. Please help. TIA.

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I'm so sorry.

I would talk to someone else at Medicaid;
the whole idea (at least, I thought!) is that Medicaid is for people who haven't got the funds for deductibles & such.

If they can't help him, ask them to recommend another source.

If he's a Veteran, get him an appointment with a VA social worker;
tell them the whole story so that they know that this is a dire emergency.

If all else fails, he might go to any emergency room;
they cannot by law turn him away.

I've heard that they often try to discourage people by ignoring them & letting them sit all day, so if he decides to go to an emergency room, he needs to call an ambulance to take him so that there's a record that he was brought in an actual emergency.

I wish both of you the best.

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There's also Charity Care. if you qualify, any treatment you get is totally paid for. I applied for it because I needed a colonoscopy and it is paid for. Call your Local hopital and ask about it.

I wish you the best!!!

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