What Caused This?

judy_jayOctober 24, 2006

I went to my company picnic last Sat. I was fine before I got there. I did have kind of a lot to eat, but so did everyone else. My lunch included a hot dog, a cheesburger, a small helping of potato salad, tomatoes & lettuce on the burger, some chips, some fruit & some trail mix. About an hour & a half after I got home, I had a horrible diarrhea, and then for the next 5-6 hrs. had bad stomach cramps & the diarrhea continued. Even yesterday I still felt sick. No one else in the family or at my company was sick, just me. Can anyone help in identifying why this happened? Thanks in advance.

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Most likely either you just overate causing an osmotic diarrhea, or you are something the 1-7 days before which was stewing until then and it was purely coincidental that you got sick right after the picnic.

Other option- you have an intolerance to one or more of the foods you ate at the picnic. You can test that theory by eating one of the foods at a time and see if you get sick.

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