Procelain tile flooring problem

stubborn_ladySeptember 18, 2012

I just had procelain tile put down in my kitchen. The day that the tiler left the project all appeared well. He had just finished the grout. The next day I noticed that the brown grout was lighter in some areas. The more I looked I found tile that were chipped when he laid the floor and areas with little holes in the grout. My biggest concern is the numerous areas where the edge of one tile is higher than the adjacent tile. He says this is very common and won't cause any problems. I think it could lead to tripping and make the tile more likely to chip, plus it makes it harder to keep clean. I was told to use a Swiffer type floor cleaner. Yesterday I cleaned the floor three times with the wet pads and used a total of 9 pads. I was still getting up dirt or grout glaze.

Are these type things to be expected? If not what should I reasonably expect the company do now.

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Some Haze is expected. No biggie, just needs wiped some more. The tiles should not look higher on any side. this I dont like hearing. pictures would help us diagnose whether there is an issue or not. The little grout holes can be fixed easily. I am guessing you used a sanded grout, which is a grout that can be difficult to keep the color consistent. Moisture or water inconsistencies when mixing sanded grout will cause Efflorescence or polymer leaching to rise giving it a lighter look. The darker the grout, the more difficult to stay consistent. There are many grouts available that will not do this. Let's see some pics.

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2 weeks ago new porcelain wood look til was installed in hall bathroom. Grout spots won't come off low spots in tile. Contractor used chemical and rubbing to try to remove. Now he says darker grout would have made this fade into tile. It seems to me the grout on tiles should have been removed during the grouting. Contractor wants to try grout refresh 'painting' tiles. What do you think of all this? Thanks!

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I think your tile job looks like you know what. He should never have left you with that mess.

Start a new thread for this.

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