Sun-bleached patches on hardwood

bridgecrossSeptember 2, 2009

Good morning folks; wondering if anybody has had this flooring situation.

Just purchased a home with great hardwood floors. Level, solid, no squeaks, put in by the previous owner's grandfather about 50 years ago. The previous owner had area rugs, put down in 1993. When we tossed them we found that around the windows, the borders of the rug remained visible where the wood lightened in color. It's really bad right by the french doors. I'm hoping that it's just the wood stain bleached out by the sun, and the solution will be to have the floors refinished. But if the wood itself is altered, could it be possible that these are permanent lines?


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Doubtful that the patches will be permanent. It's the wood fibers at the surface that suffer sun damage. Rip off the finish and those surface fibers and you're back to raw, unadulterated wood.

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I'd also guess that the sun didn't bleach the wood the wood that wasn't covered by the rug got darker. If you remove the rug good chance that in time the now exposed wood will darken as well.

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Boxer; did you mean the wood that WAS covered by the rug got darker? The exposed wood actually is lighter.
Either way I'm not willing to wait, and I'd like a different shade stain. I'm hoping that if we sand and refinish it will come out uniform.

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