Thank You gift ideas for host of DD's ski trip?

mary_228January 3, 2006

My lucky daughter was the guest of a nice family who are ski enthusiasts in Utah. They picked her (and several of their DD's college friends) up at the airport, drove the kids to the ski resorts, got them discounted lift tickets (the kids reimbursed them) and fed them every meal (the kids did the cleanup) for five days after Christmas. She had a wonderful time and will, of course, send them a thank you note.

It is doubtful that we will be able to reciprocate, so I would like to "do" something for them, if you think it's appropriate. Have any of you been the gracious hosts and can tell me what you have appreciated (or would have liked to recieve) after the visit?

Because of the distance and all the luggage DD had to carry, I couldn't send anything along with her. But while she was there, DD took note of the fact that they really like tea and coffee. Also, they are planning to put new landscaping in front of their house next spring.



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Perhaps you could put together a basket of teas and coffees and goodies to go with them or a gift basket with gardening gloves, unusual tools, maybe some seeds, a good gardeners hand lotion.

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How about gift lift tickets?

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I like Sue's gift basket ideas. Is anyone handy at painting pottery? A hand-painted set of coffee mugs (with their names, perhaps?) with some gourmet coffees would be fun and very personal.

My kids have been guests in similar situations and anything you do for such generosity and willingness to take onresponsibility for your child, well, it doesn't seem like enough!

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As an avid skier myself the idea of a lift ticket is great....but you'd have to know when they are sking unless you can simply buy a gift card to the ski area but I'm not sure if they do that yet. A basket with coffee and tea is always a nice idea too. Perhaps winter scence mugs (snowflakes) to go along with it. Maybe some seeds for white flowers to remind them of the snow in I've got myself thinking for our garden!!
Or perhaps a gift certificate to a nice restaurant in their town.

Let us know what you decide.

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I sent a gift packet from Zingerman's to friends who hosted me. I know that they have great food baskets. You might also find tea or coffee set-ups... Zingerman's is a gourmet deli, that has a bakehouse and coffee shop as well. it can be a bit pricey because of the quality of stuff they sell, but I have found some affordable things!

Here is a link that might be useful: Zingerman's

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I love Zingerman's! And I know they have nice gift baskets very appropriate for this type of situation. In the past, however, the receipients didn't quite appreciate the $7 loaves of bread that now had to be warmed up to taste fresh (after the days in shipping)! Perhaps some of their fancy oils and cheese....

I have a post on the Salt Lake City forum on Trip Advisor asking for restaurant referrals for the gift certificate idea. Hopefully I'll get some good rec's that will be new to these folks (recently relocated there).

And hosts out there to tell me what they really appreciated?

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mary 228-

We have a summer cottage, have hosted various groups over the years and have received the full range of hostess gifts, mostly wine and tequilla (you might infer from those gifts that we like wine and margaritas, and you would be correct), which are always great, but we have received several highly personal gifts, and they meant a great deal. One was a guest book (we had just bought the place), others were items the camp lacked (it's a seasonal place furnished with cast-offs), such as a metal colander, cutting board, nice dish and hand towels, etc. The best gift we ever received was a framed pic of our guests and us, taken on the beach while they were visiting. Since we received that pic and hung it up in the bathroom, we have created a gallery of sorts, cuz others have followed suit. The pics are a wonderful reminder of all the great times we've had in our little camp.



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As a Master Gardener, may I suggest that you don't buy seeds or plants? They may have a plan that they are going to follow, and if you send them particular plants or seeds, they may feel obligated to use them even though they may not be the "right plant in the right place." Instead, how about a gift certificate to a nearby nursery?

A family member once brought me a set of Burt's Bees products for gardeners. There are tons of gardening gadgets out there, if they like to garden. (Just because they're getting new landscaping doesn't mean they are avid gardeners though.) One item that I just saw on TV that I thought I'd like to have is that new clothing that has insect repellent imbedded into the fibers (link below).

Or how about something for their home that is handmade in your area (meaning they can't get one locally), like a vase or a handwoven throw for those chilly nights? Email me if you want the name of someone who makes beautiful hand-turned wooden vases.

If they entertain often, you could get them a set of nice wine glasses or other wine items, martini glasses, serving dishes, a big platter. It's always good to have plenty! I also like to receive placemats and napkins, but that could just be an obsession of mine. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: BUZZ OFF Insect Shield apparel

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You are right about not trying to buy them seeds or plants, as I haven't the foggiest idea what would grow in that part of the country, the exposure of their house, etc.

One night the wind was so strong it lifted the top off their hot tub and it damaged a bunch of plants around their deck. I guess the landscaper will be getting a little more work come spring!

I think I'm going to focus on the restaurant gift certificate. I know that at this point in my life, I really don't want any more "stuff" and I imagine they are the same. Although now that they are "out West" perhaps their decor will have to change to fit the setting. Well, I'll leave that to them.

Thanks all for the ideas!

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I vote something edible--not mugs, etc., unless you've been there and know they need them.

Or flowers, perhaps. From some place nice like or --there's another one, I can't remember. Where they send the flowers directly from the growers.

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I really like to restaurant gift certificate idea. I do that a lot for my parents (in SE Florida) and in-laws (in Cleveland). I don't really know either area, so I have surfed the net, asked them what they like, and often just guessed. -

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