feels just like period? but no blood?

uspresidiotOctober 7, 2006

Hi, since ysterday I keep running to the bathroom! I feel cramps, very wet, irritable etc.. Its not ovulation cuz my period is due Thursday, but I usually don't feel like this week beofe hand. Also I've been trying to get pregnant with my husband.

Anyone experience anything like this before? any stories would be nice


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Are you sure you're not pregnant now? Or maybe you're just getting your period early?

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A lot of early pregnancies simply don't take. Very often the woman doesn't even know she had a fertilized egg. It just seems like a rougher than usual period.

If your period doesn't start by your usual due date, check with your doctor. It could be that you are pregnant and need to take it easy for a little while.

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It sounds like you 'could' be pregnant. Sometimes there is cramping and even sore breasts that resemble period symptoms in the very early stages of pregnancy. Remember your folic acid!

Or, maybe it is just a little of that cramping before your period but you don't really usually notice it because you're not thinking about being pregnant.

Let us know if you find out your pregnant!

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I agree, it sounds like you may be pregnant. My hubby & I began trying last September and by mid-October I was pregnant, although I didn't know it/take a test until the first week of Nov.

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I didnt have any symptoms like that when I was pregnant. Everyone is different I suppose.

I think it is just psycho-sematic.Meaning,you are either thinking about your period or thinking about being pregnant,and your body is giving you these symptoms.

As soon as I realize my period is due,I start having symptoms.And it is common to have these symptoms you are speaking of up to TWO WEEKS before your period.

But definitely if no period shows up by next week,take a test to see if you are in fact PG.

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i don't feel good

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