Energy from B12 / depression

michelle_phxazOctober 11, 2010

Upon my friend's suggestion, I went and purchased "Ultimate b12 sublingual" tablets. They give you an energy boost that rivals serious caffeine highs without the jitters or the crash afterwards. I suffer from depression and this has given me the energy I need just to get out of bed some days! I bought mine at Hi-Health but I am thinking any place like that would carry it.

If you are feeling the blahs or are depressed, give it a shot, you have nothing to lose by trying!

I hope this helps a lot of people, I have suffered from lack of energy due to hypothyroidism and depression for years and always feel sluggish and tired, this has helped tremendously.

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I usually feel like warmed over oatmeal, but since I have been forcing myself to take the B multiple from Costo I feel fabulous. I say "force myself" because it smells so bad.

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Devorah, I know, the regular ones are awful which is why I was suggesting the sublingual. You have to let it melt under your tongue, but it is an orange flavor and tastes good, sort of like a mild sweet-tart. It takes a while to melt, but it gets into your system more quickly than the tablets.

Good to hear others are having luck with B12 too!

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Thanks! I too have felt like I want to do nothing, absolutely nothing. I have asked myself why I am soooo lazy. I'm going to try the B12

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A B12 deficiency is a very real problem for a lot of people. The blood test for it is fairly expensive, so a lot of doctors just suggest taking it (or getting the injections.) If it helps, then it probably was a B12 deficiency.

I found that the sublingual pills were not enough. I ended up getting the injections, which I now give to myself, saving tons of money. A long term definciency usually becomes noticeable when the toes and fingers start to have odd sensations. B12 pills that are swallowed, usually don't do much good as the problem is cause by a lack of certain factions in the stomach digestive system. The sublingual pills and the injections bypass the stomach and go directly to the blood.

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