What IS going on with Garden Web? VaSheri, aka SheriLynn

vasheriJanuary 6, 2006

Hey everyone. I've been trying to post for two days. I couldn't post because I couldn't log in anymore. I had not been disciplined or kicked off either. I contacted GW through emails, etc....gave them my screen log in name, 'SheriLynn', that I changed from VaSheri about five months ago. They emailed me back several times and it still wouldn't work.

Well, I just tried to sign in for about the 50th time and actually typed in 'Sherilynn' and password and it worked. HOWever.... and what name shows up now? VaSheri! This is nuts.

So, has anyone else been having trouble?

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I think it's under construction - there's a big thread on it in the cooking forum.

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One on the discussions side of the kitchens forum, too.

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There's a few references to it on the quilting forum too - looks like it's site wide. I've been able to get in, but have to sign in each time.

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Ok..since I signed in as SheriLynn with two capital letters, it seems that their server is now case sensitive and won't recognize the capital letters. I had this problem with my website once. I think it had something to do with Apache. Anyway, the web host fixed it...and I didn't have to do anything.

As it is now, even though I can ONLY sign in as SheriLynn, only 'vasheri' will show up as my fka name.

So it goes the hiccups in web life.

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There have been tons of comments on the Suggestions and Comments forum. (which is not listed in the That Home Site forums anymore, only on Gardenweb) My password would no longer work, and I had to completely re-register in order to log on.

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I've been having problems myself but at least it let me sign in today with my name and password. Yet just yesterday I got an error message saying something to the effect that there was no such user! Wild.

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Is vasheri a previous username for you? (or VaSheri since they have since removed the caps). Tamara on suggestions and comments mentioned that it was defaulting back to old user names. At one point she mentions to send her an email. However, link below is for a thread that talks more about these issues for people who have changed usernames during membership

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb looking into username errors

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Tamara posted yesterday that the login issues were resolved, and anyone still having a problem should contact her. see below link

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread with link to send an email to report login issues

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VaSheri was my first garden name. I was involved in a lawsuit and changed it to SheriLynn...caps in both names.

Now, I must sign in with sherilynn, but vasheri is what shows up. If I try to sign in with vasheri, then it does not allow me to sign in at all.

I wrote garden web and they wrote me the same note just about word for word as on the link above. I'm sitting tight. =]

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PS I had to reregister, too, but it would only let me use sherilynn and still vasheri shows up.

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