berkOctober 17, 2013

I have been in pain for 3 weeks, and was in the hospital for 6 days and the tests say I have Diverticulitis. I am wondering how long I am going to be so weak and in pain. I am on antiobotics and they taked like I could be in pain and weak for 2-3 weeks. Anyone else had this?

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My sister has a tough time with that also. My mom had pockets but they were never a problem. The doc told her to take Metamucil to keep the pockets cleaned out. He told her don't substitute any thing else. He said Metamucil does something the others don't. My thoughts listening to the commercials were that was that some don't make you gassy. The gassy ones may be uncomfortable, but may empty out the pockets. Worked for Mom.

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I am still so weak I hate feeling like this!!! Almost pain free now though.

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Did the doctor tell about certain foods that you shouldn't be eating? Everyone I know that has been diagnosed has been told not to eat anything with seeds......

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I have been hospitalized twice in 20 years due to one tiny diverticulitis pocket. Saw the pocket on photo from test done and it is about the size of a pea. Food gets stuck in there and rots causing pain and inflammation. Mine starts with a twinge about 3 to 4 inches above the left hip. If I let it go it gets bad, really bad pain. Then the hospital and doctor put me on a liquid diet. Antibiotics Cipro and Flagel and a pain killer. The trick is not to let it go to the bad point. When I feel the twinge I immediately start drinking Slim Fast and Metamucil. Plus no solid foods only clear liquids. In a few days it is gone. The surprising thing to me was the change in attitude between the 20 year hospitalizations. 1st time I was told not to eat seedy things like tomatoes, cukes, nuts, etc. for the rest of my life. The second time I was told it had been discovered that "any small piece of food" could cause the problem. Doc and dietician said it could be a grain of rice, a crumb of hard toast, anything! Just make sure to handle it quickly, I didn't because the 1st time I didn't know what it was. Second time it was 4 days before Christmas and I thought it could wait. Mine is only one pocket, my girlfriend had a ton of pockets and they removed that piece of bowel and she has no problem now. Good luck.

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Be causes with these foods corn, peanuts and raw carrots. Eat high fiber diet and drink lots of water. Antibiotics kill the helpful bacteria in the colon which dose not help.

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I had a flare up 2 years ago, had the scan and colonoscopy later, have several pockets, haven't ate many things with seeds, take a probotic and make sure I am eating enough fiber. I did have take alot of antibotics when I got sick, but being careful with your diet is the main thing, I would say no to lunch meats also. i take Pearls probotic, from Walmart, blue box, tiny little pill one a day, in the health pill aisle.

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Had a colonoscopy last week , diagnosed with severe divertiulosis. Unable to have the exam finished due to the extent of the diverticula. All the sigmoid colon envolved..
I have rectal pressure , nausea , hip pain . Anyone else have similar symptons? When will it settled?

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I know a doctor that says he has an answer for you check out Dr. Joel Wallach or Dr. Glidden they have a radio talk show on GCN [Genesis Communications Network] radio, a call in show. You can talk to them free.

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Hope your doctor informed you that those antibiotics will kill the friendly bacteria in your system. Ask if that could pose more issues?
Did the doctor give you a specific diet to follow?

Have you just tried changing your diet? Nothing drastic.

Maybe more organic fruit/vegetables. None grain breads, pastas. No sugar at all. (inflammation) Yogurt that has no sweeteners. Things like that?
No processed or fast food or alcohol at all.

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