Carpet question: nylon or polypropylene

spf5209September 3, 2011

Our building contract specifies a nylon carpet or equivalent, but the flooring supplier has provided a polypropylene carpet, which they are stating is just as good. Are they different enough these days that we should insist on the nylon? Thanks!

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They do not compare for resiliency. If it is a looped product, i would at least say that an olefin could perform half as well, but in a cut pile or fuzzy, there is absolutely no comparison and you should be looking for another flooring store if they would mislead you to that extent. An Olefin is about 1/3 the cost of a nylon for a reason. By the way, olefin is polypropylene. I am anxious to hear more of the story as this is as ludicrous as it gets!

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Thanks, Floortech, I appreciate your comments and will post back on the outcome. Most of the house is field-finished hardwood, so it is not much carpet or money. I want to make sure it is worth haggling over since I don't want to create problems over minor issues. On the other hand, these items do add up and they are not shy about upcharging (which is fine, I'm not out to shortchange anyone).

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