Blood Pressure?

kitaOctober 27, 2003

My blood pressure has always been within the normal range, but recently I go thru periods where my heart pounds & I can feel & hear it in my ears. I don't have any pain or tightening in my chest, but I sure don't feel right.

I'm 48 years old, female & about 20 lbs overweight.

I don't feel like I'm under any more stress than normal.

Any suggestions?

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See your doctor. At your age and overweight, you could be starting to have BP problems. It is much easier to take care of if caught early. Stress doesn't always enter into it.

Do you have a regular GYN physician? He/she would be able to watch your BP.

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Palpitations can be benign or a warning of a serious problem. If you're feeling breathless or dizzy, or have fainted, see your doctor immediately, or sooner.

Here's a site on palpitations - I'm sure you can find others online. At any rate, I'd talk to your physician at your next physical. If you don't have a physical planned, I'd make an appointment with your doctor. Palpitations can be caused by thyroid malfunction or drug interactions, and you want to make sure nothing is seriously wrong.

I'm not a doctor - I'm someone who ignored palpitations with dizziness and near-fainting, and ended up at the hospital in V-tach. That's an extreme case, but you want to be safe.

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Palpitations

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You're probably having SVT- supraventicular tachycardia. There is medicine you can take to keep it under control. It is often brought on by stress, but it can be a sign something is wrong with your heart, and you ought to let your doctor know it's happening. If you feel faint when it happens, or it goes on longer that a few minutes, you probably ought to go to the local ER.

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