partial vision loss

cheesecurlgurlOctober 14, 2008

I have had a few instances of partial vision loss. It normally happens when the amount of lighting changes (for example,walking out of the house into a bright winter day). I have been to a pcp who checked for carotid artery blockage. I then went to an optometrist who said it may be an ocular migraine (migraine with visual disturbances,but no pain). I also went to an opthamologist,who had no answers for me. i also went to a neurologist,also with no answers. So, I was hoping that someone may have had this problem and perhaps knows why it occurred. At least then I will know what kind of doctor to see next.

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Get another opinion from an opthamologist that specializes in retinas as soon as possible.


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Hi cheesecurlgurl,
My suggestion is that you stop eating so many cheesecurls. :) Just kidding.
How old are you? Does this happen around your periods? Do you have headaches with it?
When you lose part of your vision, is it half of each eye?
Did the opthalmologist really look into your eyes, and take pressures and do any other tests? How did the neurologist explain this?
How long does the vision loss last?
I have some ocular migraines and they last about 20 minutes.
I also have very sensitive eyes and they can do funky things that seem to mean nothing, but are disconcerting.
Are you on meds for anything or have any other illnesses?

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