Dry crusty Feet

goldyOctober 30, 2008

For thirty years I have had dry crusty feet.Sure would like some soft feet in my later years.Any good help out there?

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There is lots you can do. About once a week soak them in warm water and maybe a little bath soap if you like. Use a pumice stone or foot exfoliation product to get the dead skin off. Some people like the Ped Egg, but I'm not sure about it. You don't want dead skin or calluses to accumulate. Also, there are corn products on the market which can help with that problem. It's good to go over your nails with a brush, and keep them trimmed properly, straight across and don't clip the corners down.

The standard foot care pumice stones don't work well enough for me. I have to go to a hardware store and get the kind for barbecues and toilets. They are a rectangular shape.

Every night wash your feet and put on a lotion intended for feet. Wear socks to protect your sheets. When your feet are better, you don't have to do it every night.

Be sure to get products intended for feet. You might try Avon or your local drugstore, Target or whatever. It's important to take good care of your feet. Cuts and cracks can be hard to heal, and you don't want that.

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Thanks Socks on my way to Walmarts than the hardware store.Thanks for takeing the time to answer my need.

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Hi goldy,
You might also do a search of which vitamins are good for the skin.......I can't remember which (maybe E?). This might help your skin from the inside out.
I second the suggestion for gooping your feet up good at night, and then wearing sox overnight.

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Great, Goldy! Walmart should have the things you need and want. Be careful with the pumice stone or Ped Egg. You don't want to hurt yourself, just get the dead stuff. Better to go easy at first, a little at a time. It's so important to take care of your feet. Give them a little massage too when you put on lotion. They work so hard, poor things! LOL!

You inspired me...I soaked and lotioned my feet last night!

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Good old Vaseline works wonders!! I particularly like the baby scented Vaseline as it smells so nice :) I put this on morning and night, when I know I will be wearing socks.

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DH has dry crusty feet which form cracks in his soles and bleed, at times. A friend of mine had problems (as did her mother) with cracking fingers. Absolutely nothing worked for her until someone suggested she try Noevir Herbal Handcream (you can find it on the web). It's expensive, for handcream, $16 a tube plus shipping and tax. DH tried it and he can notice the healing within hours of applying it. It's the only thing that has ever worked for him. I became a dealer so I could get it at a lower cost. I don't sell to anyone else but I highly recommend it. It's a lot cheaper than any prescription and a lot more effective (it's a Japanese product).

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