Nail Fungus

chefwongOctober 4, 2007

What's a good cure for nail fungus. It's not all out on the hands but only on 2 fingers. It's as if the nail is seprating from the bed and it's just more *whitish* on those fingers. I thought by trimming the nail down to the whitish areas and just apply vineger, etc it would do the trick but it appears the opposite -the more I trim the nail down, it goes even further down.

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I had a toe nail like that after a round of chemo for breast cancer. Time and good nutrition seem to have corrected it.
I have also heard that a "fever" will cure it....
Try soaking your hands in as hot as you can stand vinegar water once or twice a day. 30 minutes is good.
Linda C

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Hmmm, I've be diagnosed with nail fungus in my big toe and it doesn't look like that... The nail is very thick and yellowish... I'm in the second month of taking generic Lamisil, one more month to go... ( only $4. a month from Target )

You might try Tea Tree oil though... It didn't work for mine but it may work for you...


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My husband use tea tree oil on his tonails.
30 years in the military and boots all the time.
He had a bad fungus on his big toes only.
He put the oil on every night after his shower and in
less then 2 months we could see the nails clearing up.
As of today no more black or yellish nails.

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I dont know.I have something on one of my big toes that is weird. It is like a white little bump under the nail. I trim the nail down to the white part and remove it (it's kinda thick and powdery) and it just always comes back.
Does that sound like fungus? So if it is you guys say vinegar helps?

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I have recently heard from several sources lately that Vicks Vapor Rub used daily will often clear nail fungus.


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I tried Vicks, Penlac and Tea Tree oil with no luck. Finally I filed the toenails down a bit (on the top, not the edge), and applied straight vinegar 2x a day. That has helped a lot. One toe is almost clear.

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Terbinafine/Lamisil got rid of it only to have it come back months later. I have tried all of the home remidies here & only 1 keeps it in check VINEGAR. Both soaking and drinking it. Try Braggs Apple Cider. Haven't gotten rid of it, but it is managable now. I got it under my left thumbnail from a peanut shell that got jammed in there - ouch! Three courses of Terbinifine only made me sick and get hives and a bad liver for a while. Didn't kill the fungus! Do the vinegar EVERY DAY. Good luck.

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