The wallpaper is gone...

momj47January 16, 2006

My son (bless his heart) came over today and we stripped the wallpaper off the walls of the tiny powder room (5' x 4 1/2'). It must be the world's busiest wallpaper. It came with the house, I can't belived I lived with it for 14 years.

Now I guess I have to move over the the bath forum, though mine seems so small it's hardly worth lurking, much less asking questions.

We want to put in a pedestal sink, it will take up less room, but we have a bad feeling about the tile, we think it's laid on a mud bed, so that would all have to be chisled out, and a subfloor put down, so we can lay new tile (not blue). Guess it will give my son good home improvement skills!!.

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Is there any reason you can't just go over the tile that's there, if it's in good shape?

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Thanks Bill. I was told we could (when we were thinking of retiling the other two bathrooms), and it's in very good shape, but when we pull out the vanity and sink, we need to fill in that space, it looks like there's no tile under it. Is there anything we can do about that area?

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That DOES make it a little more challenging, but not impossible. What I would do is put down some tar paper on the bottom of the hole, then diamond mesh wire lath. Next, coat the edges around the hole with a good dose of thinset, and fill the hole with mud, so it's nice and flat, as well as flush to the floor around it. Once that's done, that fills the hole, but now you'll have what's called a "cold joint" between where the hole was and the original floor. Being that both are pretty much just floating over the subfloor (tar paper under both sections keep it from sticking), neither area's going to move very much in relation to the other, but just to be safe, I'd suggest a membrane, something like either Schluter's Kerdi, ot Noble's CIS membrane. Either one will only raise the floor about 1/16", and will make sure that any slight movement between there your vanity used to be and the original floor won't be transmitted to the new floor.

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Thanks for the information. Sounds like a good plan, it will save us a lot of work. Between my DS and wonderful, helpful neighbor, I think we can make this work. I'm saving your instructions, my neighbor will know what to do, I'll let you know how it comes out. Now I have to pick out some tile.

Thanks for the help.

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Not a problem. :-)

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Congrats, momj47!

There are few experiences I've had in my five houses that have been more satisfying than stripping wallpaper. The process is terrible but being rid of the flowers, fruit, stripes, fleur-de-lis and all the other wallpaper doo-dads is a wonderful feeling.

Picking out tile, on the other hand, is lots of fun!

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We thought maybe it was the second layer of wallpaper, but it appears that wallpaper has been there since the house was done in 1976. I've been in the house since 1991, and there were days that bathroom gave me vertigo.

What were they thinking.

XH wasn't one for remodeling, and when he did start a project, he never finished it (2 bathrooms and the basement) so now DS and I are working on the house. He'll learn a lot and I'll save some money. I just wish my dad was still around to help, he knew everything, and it would have been so much fun for DS to work with his grandfather.

I'm looking forward to picking the tile, sink and faucet, as well as the paint. Shouldn't take more than another 2 or 3 months to finish!!

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My son pulled out the vanity this morning and found a subfloor under it, not the mud bed we were expecting. Now he's pulling up all the tile, he wants to retile the bathroom! What a guy.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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momj47 -- My son is only 9 but I have my fingers crossed that he turns out just like your son! What a sweetie!

Good luck with everything. We all can't wait to see the results.

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