flat subfloor -compound or roofing felt to level?

lorreSeptember 8, 2009

Hello I need to know if levelling compound can adhere to a very well scraped glue from old carpet. I had to take up foam and and old carpet. IT is very well scraped but the guy I had into look at it says he does not know of his levelling compound would adhere to what is left on the floor after the scraping job. Also can you use roofing felt to help shim up a subfloor to make sure it is very flat and level for hardwood floor. I am in the process of having a floor replaced that was wrongly installed. now i took up part of the subfloor to discover that the plywood is not flat not level. They made a mess and used lattice for shims. Terrible job...floor is not flat or level. HELP!

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I think what you need is a professional, like myself, to assess what you have and give you a prescription for a fix.

Are you talking about two seperate jobs?...i.e. one that was covered by the glued down carpet and another that was hardwood installed over the shimmed plywood? You need to clarify.

Also, what new hardwood are you planning on installing? Will it be solid nailed down or engineered nailed or glued or floated? More information needed.

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my place was newly renovated. I had a subloor brand new put in over and old plywood. The problem now is that my contractor who did the subfloor did a really bad job of it. IT is not level and his strapping-or whatever he calls it- is causing alot of flex. So now my engineered floor -that had to come up due to a defective install-cannot be reinstalled with this bad subfloor. Now i am being told that I can fix it if i go and put 5/8 " plywood on top of my new plywood. IF i take it all apart they are telling me it would be very costly. Now i have to go and find out if i can get my money back. In the meantime i have another flooring guy to come up and take a look at this bad job with my subfloor. How am i going to fix the uneveness....i need a flat subfloor in order to lay an engineered 6.2 plank which will be floated. I was cheated on my installation in the first place with that floor. The flooring company used wood glue on approx. 70 % of the floor around where the fireplace is. They used incorrect nails with a foam underlayment. No seam tape. No expansion gap. So here i am one month later and they are willing to give me another install at no cost to me. so i am being told the engineered floor is okay. Now i am told i have no moisture problem-never thought i did in this newly renovated place. But now i discover this late that the subfloor job is really poor. I am left scrambling about today trying to find someone to come in. I did so i will have him take a look and go from there. My entire reno job would be good to put on Market Place. Right now i am reading up on everything i can to do with laying a proper subfloor.what should I go with 5/8 or 3/4 plywood. What type of plywood? What size shims should be needed for the strapping of the subfloor. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

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So what you're saying is that an attempt was made to flatten a subfloor by installing a new layer of plywood over the old and using shims and 'strapping' to accomplish this. It can be done, but I tell you from experience that it is not an easy thing to do.

Your substrate (your floor ready for a finish product) must be very poor for installers to refuse to install over it.

You've got to find an installer willing to rip it all out, do it properly and then install your flooring.

Good luck.

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The people who did my engineered installed in wrong in the first place. It was nightmare. NO expansion gab...carpenters glue for 70 % of the flooring and wrong sized nails into foam... it was supposed to be a float in. They told me no nails were used and neither was glue. i had to do the investigating myself. I even pointed to the nails in the hallway and he told me the last nails were only there until the guy finished his job and that they were only tacked in there. They tried to say i had a moisture problem. I had more people take a look at the flooring and there was NO Moisture problem at all. HE used a Wagner moisture reader that he said was the best out there. So the flooring company had to take the flooring up anyway. Now i had the subfloor investigated ...and it appears a very poor job was done ! Alot of flex so the new installer is not going to lay a floor on that until I get it fixed. Tomorrow morning another man who lays hardwoods is going up to take a look at the subfloor. This is a place i just had newly renovated. IF there was a place here in which to post pictures i could show you what was done. OH just terrible. So yes you are right I must take it all up and re-do it all over again. But.... is 5/8 plywood good? What quality plywood do i need. My contractor only laid 1/2" plywood on the floor. So that would create some flex i am told.

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