Wood Filler Issue with Newly Finished Hardwood Floors - HELP!

bellajourneySeptember 9, 2011

Hi everyone!

The last coat of poly went down on our hardwood floors yesterday. Hooray!! (And I'm happy to report that the color of the stain IS growing on me!)

The only lingering issue that I had prior to the final coat of poly was that the wood filler was not looking all that great in some areas - it looked like it was cracked and/or partially missing. I pointed the spots out and was assured by the installer that they would fill in any uneven areas with more wood filler Before putting the final coat of poly down. Great! Or so I thought...

DH comes home and the floors are now dry; he checks them out. Overall, they look great - BUT - those spots that they added more wood filler too now look WORSE than before - it seems that they forgot to add stain, and the coloring is way off (Much too light, and I wasn't crazy about the color of the stained filler to begin with!). Also, the wood filled cracks/holes are still not filled in all the way, they are more shallow/lower than the floor.

Soooo - is there a way to fix this? Can we add some kind of colored (darker colored) wood filler on top of the light colored wood filler? Do we need to dig the old filler out first with something (I hope not)? And, will we need to add poly over any newly added wood filler spots so it is durable/hard?

Please help!

Thank you!!

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I'm going to answer my own question for anyone who is having a similar problem.

We are going to use a Pre Finish Flooring Wood Filler. They are meant for touching up pre finished floors (both factory finished, and ones that were finished on site). A bunch of companies make them; we're going with Wood Wise. They come in a bunch of colors, and you can mix the colors to get a closer match. I learned about pre finished floor wood filler on the internet and our hardwood floor installer confirmed that it is the right product to use. :)

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He got in a hurry and forgot a very important step.

After the very first cut, going down to bare wood, the floor should have been filled right then.

Then as the sanding progresses, touch up as the grit sequence is used.

Then spot fill if needed. Let that cure and stain.

Any filler after the stain, unless they mix the filler with the stain, will show as different and especially after any coats of poly have been applied.

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