brightmoregirlOctober 2, 2006

i've been told if i don't move around so much that this will go away faster. anyone have any luck with this. and any ideas on the burning i get from it.

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I had my first case of shingles last year. It is not a pleasant experience. Good news is that once you have had them they usually never come back. I have never heard about not moving around. It depends on the amount of pain that you are experiencing. If you are experiencing a lot of pain then you probably should restrict your activities. I continued with my normal activities and it eventually went away. There was pain but no burning. Capisan cream can be applied topically for pain and has been used for burns. It may work for you. Good luck and remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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My sister is just getting over the shingles. Her doctor restricted her movement and prescribed rest and pain meds. After 3 weeks, he allowed her to return to work if she felt she could. She has a physically demanding job, but she did return to work with A LOT of pain and it has taken a toll on her.

Her doctor prescribed a pain med patch that she can cut and place on the area(s) with the most pain and it worked great.

Resting your immune system would be ideal, since stress and a compromised immune system is usually the reason for an outbreak of shingles.
Good luck.

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I had an outbreak about 4 years ago. Not moving around will not make it go away faster. I assume you are on meds? If you got the meds early enough, the duration shouldn't be very long. But if you waited to get the meds, the duration can be a lot longer. It's one of the things people need to know - if you even THINK you have shingles - get to your doctor that day - don't delay.

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nothing will make them go away except aggressive treatment...

I'm currently sitting here with a 'non-standard presentation' that I mistook for poison ivy until the nerve weirdness set in on the second day -

if you can't afford the anti-viral pills, get the cream at least.

I'm having an fair bit of luck with vinegar compresses - and Noxema, if you can believe it - but on the edges where the eruptions haven't broken yet, maybe it's the menthol, but it's helping to keep me from tearing my skin off in handfulls.

but the faster you get it treated, the better off you'll be - mine was doubling in size ever 24 hours, I don't want to think what it would have been like if I had waited another day, much less tried to ride it out over the weekend/.

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My DH had them nearly 6 years ago so severe that it looked like someone had used a blowtorch all the way around his midsection. Not diagnosed right away, they were horrible by the time physician in hospital (for another issue) properly diagnosed it.

He has bright red coffee mug size scar on his back & the center often becomes an open lesion & bleeds. When an above poster said to get to a Dr. that day if you even think you have 'em, she told you right!


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I had them about 3 years ago. I broke out while my DH was hospitalized and ready to have heart bypass surgery. My stomach hurt and felt like I was going to throw up for the first week. I made an appt. to see my PCP the day of his surgery but he was still in so had to postphone it until the next day. My PCP told me that they have a medication for it but he really didn't think it helped much so he didn't prescribe it. I think mine lasted about 3 weeks but the rash didn't get as bad as some of yours did. I do know that if your lesions are still seeping you are contagious so be careful.

Good luck, if all else fails you can go to a pain clinic and they will treat the pain.


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The minute I hit 60 I am going in for the vaccination, which, thank goodness, my insurance will pay for at that age and up. My daughter had shingles when she was only 14. The scars put and end to any bikini wearing. The poor thing just sucked it up and didn't tell me about it because she didn't want to add to the stress I was under. I am so sorry about that.

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Last week I was giving my dog a trim, I was full of hair and started itching, I was sitting on the floor for over 3 hours making him more comfortable with less hair! I figured since my back was hurting really bad and itching, it was from all the hair, so I took a bath and the itching quit, but the pain in my back was extreme so I decided to take a Darvocet, and it worked some. The following day I woke up and the itching was back and as I was attempting to scratch I felt a little bump on my lower middle back right on the spine but just figured it was from all the itching I was experiencing. Well later on that day that little bump turned into 6 oozing sores that felt like someone burnt me with a cigarette!! OMG I couldn't believe it, it itched so bad and the sores just kept getting bigger throughout the day, but still I chalked it up to something must have bit me in my sleep (which happens often, spiders love me at night!) so as the next couple of days went by the sores started getting scabs, but the itching increased, I thought I would scratch myself to a bloody pulp. I was concerned so I decided to try and get into the doctor. 3 days after all this started the doctor informed me that I had Shingles, it was forming in a bizzare pattern, but that I needed to start taking Valtrex 1 gram 3 times a day for 7 days and continue the Darvocet for the pain, so far this has been going on a little over a week, the itching is intense but the pain is getting better. My doctor told me that I would probably have this for another 2 weeks or so. I have tried all kinds of creams for the itching and they only work for a little while. I am a female and thought it was that time of the month because of the mild cramping way down low, but it feels the same in my lower back and around the sores, the doctor told me it was because of the nerve endings being tramatized from the shingles I thought just peachy, I can feel crampy, grumpy and itchy for the next few weeks! I am almost 40 and have never had this until now poof out of the blue, I have had ALOT of stress in my life recently so I figured that is where this is coming from. I was also told that there is a vacination coming out for this, and that once you have it, you can get it again, does anyone know if this is true? I know that there is a slight chance for someone to get chickenpox again after having them as a child. Anyways, if you are hurting, itching, grumpy, crampy and have oozy sores on your skin, better get to the doctor right away, they will get worst and the sores get much bigger before they go away. I didn't have a clue so I waited 3-4 days before I went to the doctor, big mistake because not getting proper medication for this just prolongs the healing process. Good Luck to you!

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I am recovering from Shingles in my vagina. I have been sick for almost 4 weeks. The pain at times was almost unbearable. I couldn't stand panties to touch my vagina. I was first told by my doctor that it was herpes simplex. I knew this couldn't possibly be ture because my husband and I love each other very much and we have been together for almost 30 years. The doctor performed a culture and blood test which proved it was not herpes. My husband asked him to check for shingles and he did another blood test which was positive for herpes zoster (shingles). I was already taking 2 Valtrex a day and the doctor upped that to 3 times a day. The pain is getting better. I am writing this so women who experience blisters on their vagina will not just accept a diagnosis of herpes when you know it is not possible. If I had been on Valtrex 3 times a day to start with I would not have had such a bad time. Shingles in the vagina is not only possible it is real!

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I was diagnosed with shingles 2 days ago. My right arm & hand are covered.
I just finished a year of cancer surgery, chemo & radiation therapy so my doctor says my immune system was weak and it made it all the easier for the virus to show up again.
Yes, I have had shingles before. When I was 27, I got shingles and my doctor said I was the youngest patient he had seen with it. I am almost 60 now.
Shingles does come back and the older you are the more likely it is for reoccurence.

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I have known others who suffered from shingles, and it sure seems to be extremely painful.

There is now a vaccine available(see link). It doesn't work on an active case, but hopefully cuts down on the chances of getting it. Since the vaccine is relatively new, availability might still be problematic in some areas. It was very difficult to get last fall where we are, mainly because the vaccine was new, demand was very high, and supplies were just ramping up. Things seem to be much better now. Our local pharmacy provides them on a walk-in basis.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shingles vaccine

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My daughter was 14 when she got shingles so it can come very early.

I had the shingles shot. It is terribly expensive unless your insurance covers it. Mine did. My husband refused it because he doesn't think there is anything that he can get. I don't know why

In the paper today there was a suggestion that Lysine taken early will cut way down on the severity and duration of shingles.

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hey, im 16 and i got shingles in my lower back nearly a year ago. Because we thought it was just a rash it took a week for me to see a doctor, since then i have suffered with alot of pain in my lower back which has restricted me in all my sports and just makes movement hard, however i wanted to let people know that since i have been doing swimming and yoga regulally, the pain had reduced considerably, and i would recommend it to everyone who is suffering from after-shingles back pain.

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Thanks for sharing, Tonnie. How smart of you to try these other methods of helping yourself, swimming and yoga. Hope you soon have this all behind you and no longer suffer the pain. I've never heard of someone your age having shingles.

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My daughter had shingles at 14. The scars were pretty awful for a girl her age. She still keeps her midsection covered up

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I am 27. Woke up yesterday morning and it felt like I had been scratched on my neck. Could hardly move it....figured I slept on it wrong. Got up looked in the mirror and saw what looked to be a series of spider bites on my collar bone. As the day went on a few more spots popped up and the right side of my neck was getting swollen. Luckily I had already made a doctors app. because I had been extremely achy the last two weeks, which is normal because I am a groomer. Hard on the body. Didn't think much of it.

Got to my PCP and he just figured a rash. Wanted to see me back in a week. Got two shots in both butt cheeks. By the time I got home (5 mins. away.)I was super itchy!!!! Vision blurry, hard to breath and so on. Went back to PCP. They shot me up with benadryl and nothing was getting better.

Next, hospital vist and right away they said shingles. FM.

I'm extremely glad my husband and I did decide to go to the hospital, otherwise these nasty things would prob. be worse. Hurts like hell just with the sores I have now.

Just wondering since we caught it early how long this pain is going to last and the awful itching!!! I have been under a lot of stress lately, more than normal.

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it can last days, weeks, or months. If your Dr. gave you an anti-viral medicine, that should decrease the time, but it is not a miracle drug. Most people get over the itching in a week or so, but the pain can linger for a very long time. Good luck with this

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Two days into the school holidays (I'm a teacher) a heart med I take went down the wrong way and rubbed against my tongue. It burnt!
The next morning my tongue still burnt and coffee, cereal or peanut butter plastered onto it would not dislodge the 'crumb' of the med or the burning sensation.
We had a busy holiday schedule organised. I did not have as much energy as the day before - but that happens with a pre-existing heart condition.
By evening an ulcer had formed on my tongue. I get those sometimes (bad diet) so put on some bonjela and thought "Ah - its just an ulcer".
The next morning I had two more ulcers. "Crickey" I thought I must be run down. I put on more bonjela. We had a busy day at an early morning market and film festival movies to see. I took my bonjela.
By the end of that day I had 6 ulcers all on the left side of my tongue and I wanted to swallow the tube of bonjela. I could hardly eat and drank only warm milk!
The next morning the entire left side of my mouth was swollen  gums, tongue, tonsil, glands, and my throat burnt. It was time to see a doctor. He thought perhaps Strep Throat or glandular fever. Because of my heart condition he put me on antibiotics and prescribed painkillers.
The next day I could not even swallow warm milk and the pain was worse. Another visit to the doctor showed white fungi had formed all over my tongue as a result of the antibiotics. I was so dehydrated I went to hospital.
In hospital I was tested for Glandular Fever, Diabetes, HIV (lol) and Lupus. All negative. They concluded I had a virus and after rehydrating me sent me home. Two days later a new doctor looked in my mouth and said "Shingles".
It took 10days and 5 doctors to diagnose Shingles in my mouth, or shingles on my tongue. IÂm on pain meds and Lovir (aciclovir).

The new term has begun at school. I have a week off.
How long do most of you take to get over Shingles and get back to work? I just want this over.

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Just got over a very painful episode of Shingles in about two weeks.

I got over it like this,

1. The Doctor prescribed ant-viral medication which knocked it out of me in about a week or so.

2.I also had a medication for the nerve damage pain.

3. Plus Vicodin with a fair share of ibuprofin in between.

4. Besides that wear a 100% cotton t-shirt as large as you can when you are at home or whenver possible, it helps to not agitate the wounds and that does cause less pain.

5. Also the problem with creams or gells is that rubbing them on the wounds causes more pain because it is like a burn. To remedy that I took a spray bottle mixed some water with Aloe Vera gel and an Anti-Itch gel and sprayed it on the infected spots three or four times a day. It was a huge help. MAKE SURE THE GELS\CREAMS ARE ALCOHOL FREE AND FRAGRANCE FREE or will regret it.

6. You have to understand that the actual breakout is in the nerves and the sores on the skin are just the surface affect. It damages the nerves and originates from the nerves usually in the spot where the virus has remained dorment in the nerves. As such, it is nerve damage and with nerve damage the less you can use that part of the body the better it will be for you. In my case, the infection wrapped from my chest under the arm pit to my shoulder blade. The pain was very severe and the nerves were so damaged in my arm I had little mobility amyway.

I hope this helps and I can relate. It is the worse pain I think I have ever been through.

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I am dealing with it right now. I am 41 and have had a zillion viral infections as well as kidney problems (I have one kidney). My immune system sucks.

I went to the doctor on the second or third day the rash formed, and I think that helped. I am on meds five times a day and take Vicodin. The Vicodin doesn't really help. I am going to try Noxema for the burning from the rash.

I felt tired with my skin stinging to the touch for three days before the rash appeared. Because of my screwed�up kidney, I went to the doctor ASAP. The stinging pain in my body subsided on my right side and has been alleviated on the left. I try not to wear shirts whenever possible, and that helps a lot.

If you have a pool or spa (cool water), that could be a godsend in the summertime. Otherwise, relax, hang with people who've already had chickenpox (shingles virus IS contagious), and keep your mind off of it. This will make the recovery process much easier as I am finding.

Good luck!

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"Hang with people who've already had chickenpox" Great way to get shingles. You get chickenpox when you are young & it stays in your body, then it can get reactivated if you touch kid with chicken pox, touch money that mom pays store clerk after she touches her kids sores from chickenpox telling them not to rub them. My niece gave me a big kiss Christmas Eve 1 year as she loved what I got her. She had a nice pox sore on her lip- I got shingles about 7-10 days later. I was going to paint, noticed a 50 cent size raised spot on head just into hairline didn't think too much about it got the paintbrush & drop-cloth down & got on ladder when I felt like I was being electrocuted, instead of painting I called the dr. I had planned on painting for & told him what was going on & went right down. By time I got in his exam room my eyebrow was itchy & red. He really got worried & said I could go blind so I got a shot, cream & pills, some were Corticosteroids,cream & pills for sure as he said I was facing going blind & he had to pull out all the stops. I went home & couldn't really do anything. Second the electric shock happened your hand shot up as it hurt so bad but by time you got it touching it it stopped only to happen over & over again. There was no waiting, I had felt the raised area about 8 & by 9 I was in his office getting checked out. GF had uncle who had shingles for rest of his life which was about 20 years, he became very deformed. My mother gets them often around her waist but I am careful not to touch her if I know she has them & I wash my hands often when I am there caring for my dad who had a mild stroke but has to use a wheelchair. So 1 of best ways to avoid shingles is to stay away from kids who have chicken pox, wash hands often with hand sanitizer while out especially after buying something, use hand sanitizer cloths at grocery stores to wipe down handle on cart, your purse & your hands (you can also improve your own health by using them-kills e coli etc) If they don't have them yet(our grocery stores do) take some with you or get some nice hand sanitizer from Bed, Bath & Beyond or someplace like that. They smell nice! Don't like cheap stuff. Anyway don't mess with shingles, a raised area, sudden sores, oozing,burning or electric shocks, odd shaped patches of red sores that are raised are all signals that need to be checked out.

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You CANNOT get shingles from someone else. You can get it only if you have had chicken pox. The chicken pox virus remains dormant in your body. You cannot spread shingles to someone when you have it, but you can give someone chicken pox if they have not had them before. You do need to see a doctor as soon as you think you have them. The anitviral meds helps allivate the seriousness of your outbreak and that means less chance of nerve damage. Initially you have mild cold symptoms, or feel like you have swollen glands. This happens a few days before any spots or rash erupts. You CAN get shingles more than once. I have had them 3 times. My father and brothers both had them twice. I know several other people who have had multiple cases.

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I had a severe case of chicken pox a child so got the shingles vaccine last year. My husband didn't remember if he ever had chicken pox so his doctor ordered a test to see if he had them. The test came back negative for chickenpox so he was given the chickenpox vaccine. Well, he then got shingles (though the blood test said he had never had chickenpox!) and then later had to get the shingles vaccine anway! So... can one get shingles and not have had chickenpox first?

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I am 67 year old female who was diagnosed with shingles almost 2 weeks ago. I went to my primary care doctor for unexplained abdominal pain at waist level on right side. She saw some spots on my skin and back that I hadn't even noticed in that same area and said she thought I had shingles. By the next day the rash had spread and the abdominal pain had become more severe. In researching shingles I found out there are internal as well as external shingles and the abd. pain was coming from the internal shingles. The pain on my skin has been nothing compared to the abd. pain. I have taken the antiviral med. , pain med (tramadol - percoset did nothing for the pain). I also just started on prednisone burst. I have had a few good days with little abd. pain and try to do some rather heavy duty house work and it seems the next day I am worse again. Not sure if it is all the movement (twisting) that gets the internal shingles stirred up. I am a normally very active 67 year old. I am retired and play racquet sports 2-3 hrs a day 5 days a week. I am not sure when it is safe to get back to that normal activity. I have had so much pain that I couldn't play now even if I wanted to.

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