Remember when you emptied your kitchen to remodel?

gibby2015January 14, 2007

Did you find a bunch of stuff you didn't know you had - did you throw away some junk - and donate a few things? That's what it was like for me - and today I had an experience that reminded me of emptying my kitchen - only it was even more entertaining.

Since DH is out of the country I decided to go through this storage area under our stairway. Since he doesn't like to throw anything away I thought this was the time to see what I might be able to clear out of there. Plus I'd been digging around in there when I was looking for some genealogy related items and there was all kinds interesting stuff in there that I forgot I had. So I thought before I put all my Christmas decorations back in there I might as well pull everything out and I wanted to start putting some of it in plastic storage boxes instead of the old broken down, mildewed cardboard boxes.

Well, I found some really interesting things - besides the usual old report cards, yearbooks, love letters, trophies, etc. One box had some items from a New Year's Eve party we had before we moved into this house - 15 years ago. It had the usual hats, noisemakers, etc. and TEN BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE!! That stuff doesn't age well does it?

I also found a little set of casual dinnerware that I got as a wedding shower gift - in a color popular in 1978 - that now matches my new kitchen perfectly! And I found a couple add'l pieces of antique fiestaware that I forgot I had - so I pulled those out to use.

I purged six boxes of crap - including all kinds of moldy college notebooks. It was so funny to look through this stuff. I did keep a few of my college papers - typed pre-computer days. And I had one box of worthwhile stuff that I packed up to donate. My lower level now looks just like my kitchen did right before the remodel - all kinds of boxes and bags of junk to get rid of. And again I can't believe the amount of junk I've accumulated - I consider myself someone who throws alot away.

Needless to say I had ALOT more room to put my Christmas stuff away - and room to spare. So, ya' got one of these storage areas at your house that you haven't looked at closely in awhile? Might be an entertaining rainy day project - and especially useful if you're running out of storage space as I always seem to be

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Gibby - I thought I was the only one with that problem. Anyone need 100+ unused rolls of wallpaper? (But Hon, they were on sale)

30 to 40 extra lampshades. (Never know when you'll need one)

Over one ton (estimated) of rocks. Yes, rocks.
How many unused picture frames do you need? Three or four dozen?

As you may imagine DW is a 'collector' and is loathe to throw anything out. Most of this stuff is in my barn/workshop so it really isn't in the way but wow, I'd really like to clean it out someday.

I guess she comes by it honestly. After DW's grandma died and we were cleaning out the place, I counted over 200 empty plastic hanging flower baskets neatly stacked in one of the sheds.

LOL on the typed college papers! My 11 year old asked me what a typewriter was and how it worked. I found an antique manual typewriter at a thrift shop and got it for him for Christmas. He was astounded - He figures I went to college during the time the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

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Typewriters may be ancient but I used mine a couple of weeks ago. A district I applied at would only take applications by mail and my options were to print it or type it. Of course I typed it! (I still didn't get the job, though...)

I had to completely relearn how to use it - but sure am glad I still had it. Are typewriters even sold anymore??

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I just started cleaning out the "Black Hole" (blind base corner cabinet) because we're going to start demolition soon. I found fondue forks from the 70's, a couple of those antique Universal manual meat grinders that I used to make my husband's ham salad with, and THREE sets of BBQ tools.

I think I'm going to need more boxes.

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Oh, such merriment! I love those trips into long stashed away boxes - I found some fantastic forgotten pictures of my mother and even some of her older relatives that way. I just don't love the mess I create and manage to leave in the middle!

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I was hoping this thread would help me find some lost kitchen boxes (cookbooks, large platters, my favorite one-handed teak salad tongs...). Anyone else lose stuff during a too-long renovation???

My DH will also leave the country soon & I am planning a similar hunt for space. If I find old papers I'll have to show them to my daughter. She knows about typewriters and "vinyl" but I don't think she's ever seen a "hand-typed" page. But she hears about it every time she whines about how hard it is to edit on the computer! In fact, she's completely stopped complaining. About editing on the computer, that is!

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