Soursop cancer killer

d0ugOctober 21, 2010

I was given two soursop trees from a friend and he told me to check the web because he said it was good for cancer killer. I didn't belief it but done a search and was stunned at what I found. The drug companies knew since 1970 but would do nothing because they could not patent it. I will not tell you all the benefits I will let you search yourself. The other names of this tree is graviola and guanabana. I think you will be amazed

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Thanks Doug.

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check out this site:

Be sure to read about the health risks.

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The test done in the Caribbean where done on rats not humans and the results can be very different for example a commonly used pain killer will kill dogs and cats.

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I live in the small caribbean island of Saint Lucia and I have been eating the soursop fruit since I was a young boy. I've always enjoyed its taste but I never knew that it had such outstanding medicinal value. It was only when my uncle had a doctors visit about his liver cancer last month it was brought to the attention of my family that the fruit tree in our front yard may have the answer to the cancer problems in our family. I stumbled across this website and the information that I got about it was so shocking. Although there is still doubt on the healing capabilities of the fruit becuase no tests have been done on actual cancer patients, the lab results are enough for me to try it, after all its not a drug its a fruit I've been eating since I was a kid so I have nothing to lose.

Here is a link that might be useful: soursop and cancer

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