Anyone have a manual treadmill...?

don_na_naOctober 3, 2004

Do any of you have a manual treadmill such as the EZ Walk Treadmill from QVC?

If any of you have a manual treadmill, would you please tell my how you like it? And give any advice you have about purchasing one?

Which is best, manual or automatic? I have already posted on Exercise and Nutrition so that I would increase my chances of getting a reply, Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I don't have one, but I have used one in a gym. That one was a belt sort of thing that rolled under the feet as you took a step. The feeling was that my footing was not on something solid. It didn't feel "safe." This may have been just the way that particular one was made. The EZ Walk model may be different.

However, I don't think I would get one without trying it out personally. If it doesn't feel comfortable to you, you most likely will not use it.

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I have one. It's really rough on your joints. It takes alot of pounding to move it. You should wear VERY cushy shoes.

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