Stem Cells Heal Doctor's Heart Failure

scmurphy3October 7, 2007

I saw this video about a doctor with heart failure who refused to take "no" for an answer and was treated with stem cells. The video shows his remarkable recovery. At a time when there is much debated about stem cells, I think this video should be passed around. Here is the link from youtube

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I didn't think there was much debate about using adult stem cells; I think the debate is mainly about using embryonic stem cells.

I think the reason the doctor in the video didn't have easy access to the stem cells here is because the US regulations are stricter for clinical usage than some other regions...not sure I'd want to always sacrifice our regulations, though. I don't think it has anything to do with the embryonic stem cell debate here in the US. If anything the 'debate' would probably help push forward the use of ADULT stem cells.

Did you actually watch the whole video yourself? Do you know there are three different broad categories of stem cells? ...and only one is generally debated and that one has nothing to do with the video posted? Or, are you just against US medical regulations and trials?

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Stem cell therapy should be allowed in the US under proper medical supervision. Phase III trials are the only way to know efficacy...but till then...if patients refuse to take no as an answer...well stem cell therapy by places like is an alternative, no?

Double blind studies have been done on adult stem cells for heart failure if you look on youtube at the cellmedicine video

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