Can carpet be installed if concrete subfloor is damaged

LambOfTartarySeptember 7, 2012

I am having new carpet installed after a sick cat ruined the old ones. She peed everywhere and so we had the drywall cut out and the subfloor sealed with concrete sealer.

After our contractor pulled the tack strips up we noticed these depressions in the floor. Do these need to be filled before the new carpet can be installed and will the concrete sealant affect this process? The sealant doesn't cover the whole floor, just the corners that she peed in.

If needed, I'd like to do the repairs myself because we're running low on funds to fix this mess, but I've got no experience with concrete. Any advice?

Here are some pictures of the damage:

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The tack strips should cover that...if you're referring to the little "slope" at the perimeter. If it's excessive, you could probably mix up some modified thinset like Versabond from HD and level it out with a wide taping knife.

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Your good just the way it is.

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