dewdropOctober 26, 2006

OK here is a embarrassing guestion! Hope someone can help me because I do NOT want to go to a Dr. Just for the last couple of months I have started having gas really bad. I work in a office a couple of days a week. Every time I get out of my chair, which is every few min. I pass gas. OK STOP Laughing! I have noticed that it's not so bad the days I don't work. So I"m thinking it has something to do with sitting a lot. I have tried taking GasX but it does nothing. I tried wearing lose fitting slacks. It may have helped a little but not much. Could it be something that I eat? If so I haven't figured out what it could be. Does anyone have any suggestings? I NEED HELP! PLEASE!


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Yes, it's most likely what you eat. Beans, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and veggies like that are the biggest gas formers. Stop eating anything like that for about two weeks and see if it helps. High Fiber foods and things like Metamucile also increase gas production.

Sodas will make it worse. So will eating fast. Make sure you chew your food well. If you talk while you eat, you might be swallowing air and it has to come out somewhere.

since it seems to be worse on those days that you work, try to figure out what you are doing differently in your diet. Are you hurrying breakfast or drinking extra coffee? Sweet roles and cokes? Think about it.

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You could also just notice it more when at the office. Had the same problem when dieting (another reason to hate dieting!!! JUST KIDDING). Try BEANO in the morning, see if that helps. Good luck!!!


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Can you think of anything you have added to your diet recently? I don't normally have a problem but I started too when I started eating the Kashi Go Lean breakfast cereal. It also occurs if I eat sugar free gummi bears. Weird eh?

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Dewdrop, it might help if you kept a food and beverage diary for a while to better pinpoint the source of the problem.

With me, it isn't even foods - but give me a sugar free candy or product with sorbitol artificial sweetener, or additional Vit C other than what is in foods or the smaller amount as in a regular multi vitamin....I'm jet propelled.

Over the counter meds taken daily or overused can cause lower GI symptoms and gas in some people too....aspirin, Advil etc

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I have a similar problem & asked my cardiologist about it because it seemed it started after taking new meds. He said cholesterol meds. cause an excess amount of gas in most people. I never had this amount before, just the normal once in a while thing but since starting the meds a few yrs. ago, I have a noticeable increase & it is very embarassing. I, too, work in a small office & I'm sure it's noticeable, but other than spraying Glade all day long, there's not much to be done.

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Thanks everyone,
I quite drinking cokes on the days that I work, just as someone suggested and it seemed to help a little. I am going to try watching my diet and see if it is something I am eating. I do not take any kind of meds. so that can't be the cause. I eat Frosted Flakes for breakfast every morning. I think I will change that for a few days and see if it helps. Once again Thanks .

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Yesterday I had severe gas and diarrhea. I think it was from eating sugar-free licorice. I normally eat the regular licorice and have no problem. Must be something in the sugar substitute. It was awful!

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Cheerful, I've had the same problem with sugar free licorice! But I seem to be the only one in my family that has that terrible reaction.

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Another consideration is carbohydrates. We eat a tremendous amount of carbs in this country, and sometimes it overloads our intestine's ability to digest it, and it ferments and turns into gas. I would suggest trying to eat alot less carbs (at least on work days), and increase your veggies and protein.

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