What has fish oil (Omega 3) done for you?

tropicals9bOctober 4, 2008

Hi! I'm new here, but frequent other forums on Gardenweb. I found you doing research on fish oil. My husband and I just started taking it and I'd love to hear about your success with it! Thank you very much!


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It is supposed to help the following:
1. dry eye syndrome
2. lubrication of joints if you have arthritis
3. lower cholesteral levels.

I was taking it and I think it helped me.

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I take 6 capsules a day - I have noticed nothing. I have been taking it for over a year at my doctor's direction

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My doctor wants me to take it but it gives me bad heartburn and 'sardine' burps so I switched to just eating salmon once each week (6 oz is supposed to equal to one weeks worth of pills). During the warm parts of the year I also nibble on Purslane the common garden weed - a high source of Omega oils.

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My husband started to take it to raise his good cholesterol. He was pleasantly suprised that after taking it for about 2 months he no longer had knee pain.

His knee pain was really interfering with his quality of life. He couldn't play basketball without paying for it for days. He couldn't enjoy hiking because it was just too painful. Simply going down stairs caused him agony.

It's been a miracle for him. He suffered for so long and now he doesn't even have one ounce of pain in his knees, even when he plays basketball.

He takes it religiously, never misses a dose. I'm happy for him.

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Thank you!

charliedawg - that is awesome news about your husband - I'm happy for him too!

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Have been reading other posts on this subject, & saw that one poster said her husband no longer has arthritis pain. Maybe thats why I've noticed less stiffness & little pain in my knee in the months I've been taking fish oil.Hurrah for fish oil! : ) I encourage everyone to try it for a year or so.May take that long for noticable effects.

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My cardiologist told me to take 2000 units of fish oil every day to help control cholesterol. It made me very sick to my stomach. I wonder if it would help to take smaller amounts more often.


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You can buy fish oil capsules that are coated. They take longer to dissolve , so, they don't dissolve in your stomach, but in your intestines. That helps with the burps too!

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My husband takes blood thinners because of a stent. He was told it would be dangerous to take fish oil because it is a blood thinner. Anyone taking blood thinners or clotting problems should not take fish oil.

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I am taking it to lower cholesterol, since I couldn't take lipotor. I don't know if it has helped since I haven't had a recent blood test. I buy the Spring Valley enteric coated, fish oil soft gels at walmart and they state "no fishy aftertaste" and they have NONE, they actually have a pleasant taste. I haven't noticed any changes since taking them.

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I was taking Nature's Way Fisol.....Mercury-Free, No PCB's....I can't tell any different either....LOL

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I have been taking fish oil for my cholestrol for over a year now, one capsule 3x a day, 1200 mg. I just had mine checked this past Tuesday and my total cholestrol was 316!!!! Triglycerides 302, HDL,46 and the LDL was 209!! So my doctor has me taking more of it now and hoping my cholestrol will drop. She said I am a walking time bomb. I can't take any of the prescription medicine because I am allergic to so many medicines. Mine has to be from herididty because I do watch what I eat, etc. and not over weight. I keep telling her no one is going to get out of her alive!

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My cholesterol dropped from 233 down to 197 over the course of about a year. I am 100 pounds overweight so the drop wasn't due to losing weight (I wish).

I do take many other vitamins and am always switching things to see if I can improve my peripheral neuropathy pain in my feet. The cholesterol change was a real surprise.

I was taking 6 capsules a day and am now taking two fish oil capsules and two borage oil capsules (which I think has similar advantages). I read somewhere that you need something in your system (sorry I can't remember what) to take advantage of the fish oil. The borage oil doesn't have the same pre-requisite in order to benefit. So some recommend taking a combination of both (Maybe Dr. Weil??? or someone like that) Sorry to be so vague. I have my next checkup in January - will see if it has dropped any more.

Also, I'm a fishaterian, I don't eat meat except for fish so I eat salmon probably at least twice per week.

My blood pressure has dropped also from 110/80 to 106/59. I'm hypothyroid so low blood pressure is not unusual but this reading seems way too low. I think that it is because of another supplement I'm taking called resveratrol. I'll know more in January. I'll report back then if I can figure out what is causing what (LOL)!

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Those who are seeing no benefit may not be taking enough. Also, calcium supplements interfere with the absorption of fish oil. I am taking 16000 mg (no, that's not an error)of Omega-3 daily in gel caps but in alternating weeks with my calcium supplement. I am using the Dr Sears Zone brand. The dose & the brand are per orders of my doctor. I have only been taking it since February, but almost immediately saw a very noticeable improvement in my dry eye syndrome. I can't say I've seen any improvement in my joint pain, but I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia and probably have lupus as well, so I wasn't counting on the fish oil to help my joints. I hope it helps with my cholesterol, but we probably won't check that again until Feb 2010. I'm not getting any indigestion or fish burps. I wonder if some people might benefit from trying a different brand?

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The first time I took the fish oil and burped that fish taste, I thought I was going to puke. One thing I was told to do was to freeze the capsules and take them before bed. It works great. As to the benefits, can't say I feel any different. I don't really have health problems though. I take them just for the preventative measure.

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I have been taking Omega 3 capsules for about one month, four capsules per day, two in the morning, and two in the evening. They came from Sam's Club, brand is Member's Mark. UPC Code is 787421022902. They are "enteric coated" for no after taste.

This morning, after a bowel movement, I stood up and turned to flush the toilet. To my surprise, there were two complete Omega 3 capsules floating in the water. They had not dissolved. It looks as though they have been "passing through"! I suggest that these capsules be avoided.

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As per recommended by my Eye Dr, (I have dry eyes, had cataracts removed and have the beginning of dry macular
degeneration) I take 6 capsules a day..
Thera Tears..3 gelcaps
ICaps..2 gelcaps
Lutein 1 20m gelcap

I'm supposed to take them everday from now on...
No, I don't notice any difference...

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My doctor told me to take it for a blood thinner, since I can't take aspirin.

I can't tell any difference as far as improvement in the things mentioned above.

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First off, Omega 3 are needed in correct proportion to Omega 6 and Omega 9's. Fish Oil is only part of it; borage oil, flax seed oil also play a part. AT THE VERY LEAST, your digestion and 'regularity' improves. It's very difficult to SEE other benefits, but if you read the book "FATS FOR LIFE" you will immediately see that the good oils are needed for disease prevention and they help synthesize and metabolize the good stuff.

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I tried fish oil didn't notice any change at all and stopped taking it. It is a good thing I did because I had to have a kidney removed and probably would have bled to death on fish oil.

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Well, for one - and it's a BIG ONE - I feel it helps with depression.

I know for a fact it offsets the damage done by a diet that contains too much Omega 6 which is really bad. Too many of either isn't good.

Crispy is right. But fish oils should also be supported by a GOOD DIET. Which is usually too much trouble for folks. Can't depend on supplements what you should be getting from healthy food. By healthy I mean NO fast food. No packaged/processed. NO corn. Ease up on the dairy - all those anti-biotics are causing all of us issues.

I feel there are many benefits I cannot see. I hope I have lowered my inflammation in my body. For that is what causes health issues and disease.

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DH and I each have taken 1000mg fish oil per day for two years, at the suggestion of our MD's. I don't see ANY difference. (I already have "perfect" cholesterol levels, naturally.) We tend to eat fish once a week.

I don't really believe in any of these supplements except for Vitamin D-3, which lowers my BP. I doubt that most well-fed citizens in First World countries who eat sensibly require supplements at all. My internist doesn't take a multi-vitamin.

It's pretty amazing to see those long aisles of vitamins and supplements in every grocery store! Those expensive products are profiting *somebody*! LOL

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Have to agree with you totally. That long isle of supplements are not regulated by the FDA and could be anything. Just eat responsibility with a good variety of fruits and veggies and you will probably be fine. BTW, I would never eliminate my butter and bacon!

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"That long isle of supplements are not regulated by the FDA and could be anything."

Even some of the things that ARE regulated by the FDA aren't safe! I think it is good to take supplements if you have had your blood tested to see what your deficient in. Have to agree about eating a good variety of fruits and veggies.

A link that might be useful:


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I have heard and read from a guy that beat cancer without chemo and radiation that the stuff is soooo processed it causes inflammation!!

The only type he recommends is by biotics research. I buy my vit d3 drops from them. seems good.

better to go with CLEAN plant omega 3 and make sure your ratios are close to what they should be. Remove all processed foods with a HIGH omega 6 level because of synthetic ingredients/vitamins. For, they are SYNTHETIC and cause the body/cells HARM and DAMAGE.
He says "Only flax, chia, sacha inchi, and seafood have more Omega-3 fats than Omega-6." *Otto Warburg info. Warburgs "The Metabolism of Carcinoma Cells" from The Journal of Cancer Research, 1925.

"Commercially raised beef and chicken can have a ratio of as much as 15:1 Omega-6 to Omega-3 because the animals are fed grain based diets specifically designed to fatten them up."

"The best building blocks of cells are unadulterated Parent Essential Fatty Acids Omega-6 and Omega-3 from organic sustainable sources.
The rest of my fat intake comes from foods I consume in various amounts weekly: raw milk, raw cheese, raw pasture-raised eggs, olive oil, avocados, raw nuts and seeds, clean meats (organic grass-fed beef and lamb, organic free-range chicken, wild-caught alaskan salmon).

I also take Parent EFA supplements daily.
Udos Choice 3-6-9 Blend
YES Ultimate EFAs"

This is good information. Considering alot of fish are over processed and just full of harmful toxins. Why chance it, if you don't have to?

Good luck and good health to you all. :)

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