Any advice for exercising with bone avascular necrosis ?

mfkearyOctober 18, 2006

I just have been diagnosied of bone avascular necrosis on my hip due to my sickle cell anemia. I have made a physical therapist appointment that won't take place until next month! which is a long time for me to wait because I am an active person but I can't exercise the way I used to (cardio/strength/stretch) because my leg hurts. Is there any suggestion anyone has to give as to what kind of exercise you can do that won't cause any pain? anyone has similar case like mine? I would appreciate any answer/suggestion/advice/encouragement.

Thank you.

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It seems to me that you could do more damage if you don't exercise properly. I don't think you should take the risk of damage to yourself. Be patient until you see the therapist.

Exercise isn't always the best thing to do in some circumstances. This may be one of them.

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I don't have experience with avascular necrosis, but I was experiencing some decrease in blood flow to the femoral head with an arthritic/birth defect hip joint while trying to postpone surgery. About the best I could suggest would be doing things that are non-weight bearing until you've seen the therapist. Isometric, swimming.... Going from active to non-active while you wait could cause you mental stress, I understand that - but don't try to work through pain and risk injury to a compromised joint please.

Good Luck!

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I want to thank you for giving me advices/thougths/experiences that you shared. I am looking into swimming lessons, acupunture and pilates while I wait for my so far away doctor appointment. At least I hope those exercises won't be too much of a burden (if anything, it should help). Thanks again for your support!

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