Simvastatin help ?

michelle2_growOctober 4, 2010

Should one take this for high cholesterol (288) without having a liver test first ? Gosh after reading all the side effects, I'm not looking forward to filling this prescrption ? Are vitamins, fiber, etc just as good ?

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I take 10 mg a day. They did blood work first and I have had it done again at 3 months. I haven't had any problems and as I have said, mine dropped from 240 to 160 but I have added excerise and changed diet. I don't think vitamins alone will do it, or just fiber, you will need to add other diet changes and excerise.

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michelle--All cholesterol medication is hard on the liver. I think if you are concerned about the side effects you should talk to your doctor about lowering your cholesterol through diet. He might send you to a dietician who would help. In any case it would involve strict adherance to a "heart healthy diet" If you are not willing to do that, then the meds are your best option.

Fiber will not help Cholesterol and the only vitamin that will is Omega 3 or maybe cod liver oil.

I gave you a list of foods that help and foods that raise your cholesterol in your last post. It is quite easy to add them to your diet. Exercise helps too.

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