Affordable Care Act - Alternative Health Care Options?

mmiesseOctober 30, 2013

Hello! Firstly, this may not be the best forum to use for this question, so if anybody knows of a better one I would love to be directed to it!

Next - maybe this IS the best place for this question so here goes:

I live in Arkansas (which I think subscribes to the national ACA marketplace). I typically only go to a 'regular' physician only for my lady doctor appointments. Past that, I go to a natural doctor - which has not been an accepted/insurable form of medicine in Arkansas.

With the new laws and insurance, is it possible I could find an insurance that covers some of this type of medicine?

IF NOT, does anybody know what the best alternative is? Should I just get a high deductible and go for that?

I am 26 so I'm not well versed in insurance, but I'm trying! Any assistance would be awesome!

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Not sure if you are talking both doctors and meds. Do you take any prescriptions Now? If not why bother with the meds insurance.

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I'm talking doctors mostly. Since I have to have health insurance I'd rather pay for something I might, possibly use as opposed to something I definitely won't use.

I do not currently take any prescriptions - but I occasionally take things for Lyme disease.

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