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deb_paOctober 12, 2012

I don't think I will ever understand health insurance. Ok, I'll make it simple. If I go to an "in network" hospital and doctor and the bill is $500 and the insurance company pays $450 do I have to pay the extra $50? If so, why?

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You may have to pay the extra $50. Some insurers waive the additional if they have a good price contract with the hospital. But keep in mind, if you go to an out-of-network hospital for your procedure, you'll likely pay a much higher amount than $50.

When we chose our primary care physician, we were careful to select a doctor who practiced at the local hospital we prefer.

I'll never understand health insurance either. DH was prescribed shoulder scans on each shoulder. I knew we'd have a co-pay & wanted a firm estimate of our share so we could plan our budget. It was excruciating finding the costs. Everyone I spoke to was surprised I wanted to know how much it would cost. Then after the procedure, the bill came & it was drastically less than we were told. Huh? And the point of me spending a week gathering info was what? Now I see why they were surprised I wanted firm costs, they seem to impossible to get & change with the wind or something.

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