bad taste in mouth

michelle2_growOctober 31, 2009

I've had a rather odd taste in my mouth for awhile now. It's almost chemical like...sometimes it almost taste like fuel. Can't seem to find anything on the net that could be causing this. Any help would be appreciated greatly.

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I went through a period like that many years ago. I never did figure it out, but I ended up with some sinus problems. Are you having any sinus problems? Are you on any medication that could cause this?
Try taking some zinc supplements. Supposedly low zinc levels can cause problems with taste and smell.
I lost most of my taste and smell after a bout with a virus. Unfortunately, I never got it back, but I did go through alot of strange smells after that.

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A bad taste in your mouth could be caused by sinus, post nasal drip. Since you don't have a sore throat it can't be from a throat infection.

I would try a saline nose spray. You can get it off the counter at a pharmacy. In both the case of sinus or post nasal drip the saline will dry up the excess mucus and should help the bad taste.

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Oilpainter, a throat infection doesn't necessarily present as a sore throat, there could still be an infection present. I do agree that a saline nasal spray might help the problem, but if it is still bothering you in a few days I would see your GP.

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Could be a cracked filling, cavity (decay), upset stomach...

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i once had a strange taste in my mouth, turned out to be an old silver filling. It wasn't a metal taste that I had but a chemical taste. No tooth pain with it. My GP suggested seeing my dentist and he found the filling that was going bad.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Some medications can cause a peculiar taste, as well.

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could be any of the following

post nasal drip
periodontal disease
acid reflux
cracked or loose filling
tooth abscess that is not causing pain.

If saline rinse doesn't work or saline nose spray, I would check with a dentist.


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