age spots

blanche1951October 16, 2006

Anyone have any advice on getting rid of age spots? I have dozens of them on my legs and now have got them on my arms. I have tried the fade creams and I do stay out of the sun now. A little late for that because I am 55. Anybody had success?

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You need to get a dermatologist to check them out. I'm not trying to scare you but some of those "age spots" could be pre-cancerous lesions. It's a lot easier to dab away the spots now than to cut them away later.

Those of us that have skin that forms age spots early usually also have that tendency to those tiny little skin cancers. And unfortunately, we can't see the ones on our backs.

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My doctor took a few off for free using liquid nitrogen. It worked great. My next doctor also offered to take some off, but he started on my leg and instead of timing the application he waited for me to scream - so I ended up with a scar that is worse than the age spot.

I have taken some spots off myself using the cold wart remover. It took several applications sometimes, but it was cheap and pretty effective except on the ones that are raised

I had one just below my neck taken off with a laser, but that cost me $300 and left a white spot where the brown spot had been. Much too expensive unless you are really rolling in dough. I suggest you start with the wart remover. I wish I could remember the name. It comes with a little sponge applicator.

I asked several doctors to look at my age spots to see if any looked cancerous to them and they all said that I would know if I had the real thing.

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But....if the age spot turns out to be malignant melanoma and you burn it off with wart would never know.
I have had a couple of friends die of melanoma....nothing to fool with.
And you would NOT know if you had the real thing! If a doctor told you that, you need to switch doctors.
Linda C

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Without a doubt, a 'skin check' is definitely in order - and be prepared to show ALL of your skin. There was someone in a different forum who would not undress for the dermatologist. What you cannot see can hurt you. How unfortunate to actually die from embarrassment (too embarrassed to show the doctor).

What you will probably learn from your dermatologist, however, is that there are not really any good home remedies other than to stay out of the sun or to use sun screen. Though I have never heard of the wart remover stuff, it sounds like it could be worth a try. That would be a pretty small investment that would beat the heck out of going to a plastic surgeon.

And I agree with Linda C - if your doctor told you that you would readily recognize if you had a cancerous growth, then you need a new doctor. By the time you recognize it, it may be too late.

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I'm staying with my DD in Alabama, caring for my infant grandson. I saw a doctor here for brown spots on my hands last week, and they lasered spots on both hands for a mere $50! I had saved up my 'gifts' from our anniversary and my birthday to have this done, so I had money left to have the veins near my ankles lasered (now THAT stepping into a wasps' nest!), and then some! She sold me a product called....

Obagi Nu-Derm Clear, Skin Bleaching and Corrector Cream.

WOW!! Is this stuff wonderful!! I asked if I could use it on the brown spots I had on my face, and they are practically all gone! She told me to apply it to my hands twice in the morning, and twice in the afternoon. It did dry out my face, and I peeled...much like a sunburn, but without the pain. Once the dead skin peeled off, so did the brown spots.

I thought it was prescription only, but I just found it for sale on the internet. I paid $63, but this site has it for a couple of dollars more.

Here is a link that might be useful: Obagi Nu-Derm Clear

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