New flooring has gaps. Is this acceptable?

BlackChamoisSeptember 18, 2012

I think for me the answer is no, but am I off base?

I just had some engineered flooring put down. They are half way through with the installation and will return tomorrow (Tues). I checked on them occasionally while they were working and everything looked pretty good. However after they left I inspected more closely and found more than several gaps between the boards ... either end-to-end or side-to-side ... to the point that I can stand a credit card up in the gap. They are not as tight as I feel they should be.

I am very detail oriented and now wish I would have said something before they even started like "make sure the boards are tight" but they are the professionals and I should not have to tell them how to do a quality job, right?

The floors are glued down onto 1/4" cork for sound dampening (I am in an upstairs unit) so I know it will not be easy to pull out and redo but I want it done right.

Am I being too picky?

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A credit card thickness is maximum that is acceptable based on industry standards. An engineered floor will move very little. My suggestion (or this is what I would do) is tell them from this minute forward you want the boards tight. If the boards are untrue with squareness to the point where they can not make them tight...then you have another decision to make. They will be able to take a filler (matching) and fill in the cracks and make the job look perfect if they are true professionals. It will not affect your job or performance. You should step up and discuss it in detail right now and ask why those gaps are in it. Good Luck.

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