Doctor Bills.

goldyOctober 1, 2006

Have you ever really read your doctor bills?They are something awful.Makes you wonder sometimes how you would pay them without insurance.The people not on Medicaid but are still poor and don't have insurance how do they pay their bills.Something should be done about rising medical bills and why a aspirin should cost so much in a hospital when you can get a hole bottle at walmart for ninety nine cents.

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Those without insurance don't pay their hospital bills. I don't think it's because they want to milk the system; it's just that they'll never have that much money unless lady luck looks their way. And now, with the new bankruptcy laws, all it takes is just one or two hospital episodes and you're ruined for life. I've lived in the states for half my life after moving here from Canada. I think that one of the reasons that people seem to have a higher quality of life in Canada is because they never have to worry about whether or not that hospital or doctor visit is affordable.

As an example of U.S. costs, I had lived in Taiwan about 6 years ago and someone from the States with no insurance had a separated shoulder. He had an operation to fix it with and stayed in the hospital as needed. The cost? $350.00. You read that right. $350.00. I know that we pay soooo much more for care here than they do in Canada but in the U.S. the corporations can charge whatever they want. There is no oversight from the government. I guess this is capitalism vs caring for your populace. Those with the means get the help they need while everyone else is stuck in red tape.

My daughter has a serious illness and is now in the hospital again. She seems to be there several weeks out of every 6 weeks or so. We are begging the doctors and insurance company to transfer her to a hospital with an expertise on her condition but they are all very reluctant. They've agreed to see her but only if she can get there herself, pay for her hotel room and do everything outpatient. She had an appointment for tomorrow morning but is back in the hospital here instead. The insurance company would rather pay the $1,000.00 a day instead of helping her to figure out if there's a way to ease her pain. The doctors here in rural America say they do not have the expertise to help her.

I'll stop now. This is a subject that is too close to home.

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You are right, Goldy. People with good insurance coverage are very fortunate. Of course the cost of an aspirin in a hospital also has to include operting expenses, incuding malpractice insurance, at a hospital. The best thing to do is take care of ourselves so we need as little medical care as possible!

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